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What a strange day. I got to Matthew's preschool to drop him off, and proofs from his first "school pictures" were in. Well... not really proofs. The pictures were in, and you could buy what you wanted then and there which, yes, meant I spent an hour hemming and hawing and dialing and redialing M. about what to buy. Of course, I bought too much, but they were so cute. All three poses turned out great. No blinks. No squints. No funny mouth. Just beautiful boy.

Then, shortly after we came home, the young woman that cuts our hair came by with her partner. They're expecting their first baby in January, and we gave them the whole kit and kaboodle - from the swing to the bouncy seat to the changing table to the Idiot's Guide. The stuff would probably have gone to Good Will otherwise, and I know we didn't need any of it. We got good use out of everything for both boys. Still, it made me sad to see it all go, especially the bags of baby clothes. It makes it all so final. I know they're growing up. But somehow getting rid of the clothes really stands out as a marker, not only of their passing childhood but of my own passing phase as a mother of little ones. Spencer is my last. I know that. But still. It's hard to explain. It was just sad, and strange juxtaposed in time as it was to getting those first school photos.

So, knitting news...


Matthew asked me yesterday morning... "What are you making, Mama?"

"A poncho," I replied.

"For me?" He asked.

"No. For a little girl."


Ahhh. You know a project is going well when your preschooler notices that you've been starting the same thing over and over and over.

I restarted the failed little girl poncho on Thursday morning and worked on and off on it throughout the day only to find at the end of the day that it was every bit as hole-y the second time around as it had been the first time around even though I'd dropped to an 11 (from a 13) this time. And, it wasn't just a loose weave, in places, it was downright loopy. How frustrating.

M. looked at it, and she, too, thought it looked way too loopy and hole-y to really work.

Deciding that maybe I just don't like knitting with chenille anymore (too bad since I know there's a lot of it in the basement), I scrapped it again.

But, I didn't give up.

Instead, I went stash hunting and found some pale pink acrylic - it is a yarn that has quite a history in fact since it's the first yarn I bought when I was teaching myself to knit and thought I'd make M. a sweater while we were on vacation in Maine. Ahh. That sweater was not to be. And, these days, I don't do much with acrylic. But, it's a good match for the chenille.

So, I started again yesterday, and, it's working! Yeah. It's perfect. The worsted acrylic is working great as a runalong thread with the chenille, and the colors work great together. I'm just amazed. The resulting fabric is incredibly cushy, almost plush, not hole-y, and not loopy. It's like the two together just mesh. So, this might be a winner. Let's just hope the sizing is good!

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