Better Days...

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I've definitely had better days. It's a Monday. It's rainy and cold (which normally I like, but today seems apt for my melancholy mood). Spencer screamed in the car the whole way to and from Matthew's preschool. I got a rejection first thing this morning for an article I had submitted somewhere. I could go on, but the latter is probably the defining moment upon which my mood hinges today. I need to, as the Gilmore Girls say, "wallow" for a while, I guess. I wish I could just shake it off. But I can't. It's complicated. It's depressing. It's part of the writer's life, I know. I need a good place to whine, and my blog probably isn't it because... you probably don't care! You came here to read about knitting, after all.

Well, I've been home a week, and there's been a lot of settling in, but I haven't gotten a ton of knitting done. I have been working on my Fluted Bannister. I can't say I'm loving my sock. It's not the pattern. I think it's my yarn. In this, my second attempt at these socks, I'm using Opal. I know people rave about Opal, and I love the colors and patterns it comes in. But, well, I think it's sort of spongy.

I don't have a whole drawer full of finished socks to brag about like many devout sock knitters. But the first pair of socks I made for myself were in a fun Opal that M. had given me. For Christmas one year, she gave me the fiesta Opal, the pink Opal I'm using now, and tiger-striped Opal. I tried more than one pattern for those first socks because I remember thinking that everything I tried felt spongy. Then, I just thought it was a pattern issue.

Since I have the same reaction this time, I think maybe it's a yarn issue (for me).

Those first socks have worn well, I have to admit. And, maybe they don't feel so squishy to me now. So, maybe it's a they-need-to-be-washed issue. I just keep thinking of how many people rave about Opal, and I wonder if their socks feel the same way mine does.

I'm plunging ahead with these Fluted Bannisters, nevertheless, and I turned the heel last night on sock #1. The striping did work out nicely. The yellow stripe ended up in the heel turn, which is good. I was worried that it might end up on one side or other of the gusset.

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I'm lagging behind on the fluted bannisters too. Part of it is the yarn...I picked a Regia 6 so it would move fast, and it would if I worked at it. But I've been so preoccupied with other projects, it's taken a back seat. The end of the month will come sooner rather than later, so I'd better get going. I need MORE HOURS in a day. Feel better...knitters love you.

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