Better Frame of Mind


Wallowing is over. Thanks to Sharon though for a note of encouragement and just "thereness."

(Glad to know someone is out there! I feel like I'm blogging in the ether these days.)

I crashed early-ish with the boys after a full afternoon shuffling between the ER (problem with M's foot surgery from last week) and preschool drop-off and pickup. But, having konked out early, I was wide awake around 1 - and thirsty enough to get up rather than just playing games on my Palm until I fell asleep again.

So, baby in tow, I was up again in the wee hours, just as we used to be when he was a newborn. Not too much has changed. He just fills much more of my lap now!

Once he was back asleep, I tackled my sock - and the gusset decreases - again. When I stopped later, the decreases were done, and I'd managed to slip it on my foot without waking him. I think I need to decrease a bit more - seems a little loose. But, that's okay.

fb sock

What I decided in the middle of the night was that the Opal isn't the problem. On the bottom of the foot where it's just stockinette, it's not squishy at all. So it really is more about how I respond to the way the ribbing works up. (The fiesta sock I mentioned also used a ribbing. I think that was something like Fisherman's Ladder.)

The feel is growing on me though. And I love how the striping is taking shape. As you can see from the picture, this colorway has narrow stripes interspersed widely apart in larger sections of the main color. The yellow worked out for the heel, and I got a stripe of each color in the gusset area, which is cool.

Socks really are sort of addictive. My mind often resists working on them, but once I start, I find it really repetitive and trancelike to keep zipping around the rows.

I especially like the heel turn and gusset. I think I rail a bit against the leg-work. I don't know why. That's probably the prettiest part of any sock. But something magical happens when I start the gusset decreases. Suddenly, the sock starts taking shape. It's no longer just an amorphous tube. So, I knit and knit and spiral along to the end of the decreases. And then it feels like the end of the sock is in sight. After all, the gusset decreasing really does take about half of the foot work.

While in KY, I had hoped to start working on a cardigan upon my return and get out of the accessories rut I've been in. But, the reality of the looming holidays has hit, so I'm trying to scope out what I'm actually going to make (for both Christmas and the school auction which comes in the new year). I see some serious list-making in my future. But, that's such a fun thing, I can't complain.

Sticking to the list is more my problem when it comes to knitting!


The heel and gusset are my favorite part of sock knitting, too.

I hope things are looking up.

I like the heel, but not so much the gussets. (Note to self: learn short row heels.) I love doing the foot and realizing, hey, I can start my toe now! (I once got so engrossed into knitting the foot that I realized it was longer than my foot, and I still had a toe to knit! There was definite frogging there.)

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