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Election results are running in the background, and while I wait and hope for some good news to come up on the red and blue colored electoral map they keep showing (it's still early here on the west coast), I figured I'd take a few minutes and direct some of you to some good Lego fun.

If you (or young ones you know) are familiar with the Lego "Knights" of Morcia (and Vladek, the bad night), you should spend some time poking around on the Lego site in the Knight's Kingdom section.

They've got a set of animated comics (Flash animation and sound; you read the storyline aloud yourself) that is quite well done. Five of the projected ten installments are available right now.

There are also a few games in which each knight faces a specific challenge as part of the quest they are on (see comics to find out more about the quest).

Finally, a special limited edition pseudo-knight is available at Target. It's the King of Morcia himself and is, supposedly, only going to be available at Target. It comes with a map of the kingdom.

Cool stuff, especially for those, like me, with a love of all things fantastical, heraldic, celtic, Arthurian, etc.

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