Craftapalooza Pal

Awaiting me upon my return to blissfully foggy SF, was my final package from my secret pal 2.

This was a great package, and I think my pal should probably open a store. She made other things she sent me during the three months, but this final mailing was an amazing and inspiring display of creative talent and taste.


She sent me...

  • A beautiful handmade tapestry notions bag. It's a semi-circle in shape (almost crescent-like), which makes it really unusual in and of itself. In addition, the tapestry fabric is great and carptetbag like, and the circular detailing on the bottom is a wonderful touch. All in all, it's a really cool sophisticated piece. A beautiful beaded zipper pull adds just the right balance of whimsy.
  • A great coordinating handmade cloth (refillable) journal lined in (I think) silk.
  • Handmade Coffee Caramel Vanilla soap that has to be smelled to be believed. It's awesome. (And she even made a label wrapper noting the name, ingredients, etc., for it. It all looks so professional!)
  • A pretty beaded necklace bookmark on a leather cord. (She does have a touch with beads, for sure! The bead drop on this is just lovely.) [When I opened the package, my brain saw necklace. A followup post from my pal said she uses hers as a bookmark. I had to laugh at myself. It is, indeed, bookmark and not neck length!]
  • And another postcard from Australia in which she, tada, reveals her identity!

My pal was Nicole of (Now the fact that her email address was secretpalapalooza seems like a Da Vinci-esque clue of sorts.)

She was just an awesome pal, and I was really lucky to have her! I spent some time this morning checking out her blog. You should, too!

(Her Sophie bag got stolen last week, which really sucks, so if you drop by, give her some cheer.)

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