Happy I'm Here

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Well, I think they're happy I'm back...

I did bring out Matthew's scarf yesterday while unpacking and wrapped it around his neck. M. was oohing and aahing, but Matthew prompty burst into tears yelling "I not say I wanted a scarf!"

And that was that.

He's right. He didn't ask for it or agree to it when I was suggesting making it.

He's not even four.


But, again, he's not even four. So, I wasn't totally surprised.

I'd just hoped that he'd like it since he loves his hat so much.

Maybe he'll come around.

Halfway expecting his reaction, I had toyed with the idea of using up the remaining ball of rainbow yarn so that it'd be long enough for me or M. But I was afraid it might end up too long for him, and he wasn't there to measure it on.

There are ten rows of red at the bottom. I might just pull those out, finish up the ball, and then any of us could wear it.

After all, we all have hats to match now!

(Ummm, all except the baby, who was supposed to have the rainbow Angel hat.)

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