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  • Check out Julie's completed Broad Ripple socks. Isn't that just the prettiest pair of socks you've ever seen! I've been tempted by Broad Ripple before, but this is the most compelling pair I've seen yet. (And I told her so.)

  • I've got lace on the brain and am constantly lurking on the Fiddlesticks Knitalong site.
    I think this Rippling Waters Scarf is very pretty, and the range of colorways for it is great.

  • In a recent KnitPicks catalog, there were kits for Lavish Lace projects. I kept hinting to M. about them, but she hadn't gotten the catalog yet. I was in KY, and my mom picked up the hint. But we aren't just buy off-the-shelf folks, so we went out looking for the yarn for the one I liked best. According to KnitPicks, it's Cherry Hill Tree's "Bobay Loop Mohair Boucle," and we had no luck finding it. But we did end up on a site sort of by accident and found Cherry Hill Tree's "Baby Loop Mohair Boucle." We're assuming it's a typo in the KnitPicks lineup.

    Fiddling around on the Fiddlesticks Knitalong ring's featured sites, I ended up here at Handpaint Heaven where they have kits for a number of projects from Lavish Lace. Wow, the possibilities make me ooh and ahh. But, I'll be good until Christmas. Maybe I can wrap up work on some things I have started and in my stash to clear my head for a day-after Christmas start on something wonderful for the new year.

    There are so many wonderful and lip-smacking colors from Cheryl Potter and Cherry Tree Hill Yarns. Wow.

  • Debbie Stroller's Stitch 'N Bitch Nation is out. You can scroll the wide range of projects here.

  • Interweave Knits is finally on the stands. It's one I have to admit I read cover to cover. I picked up an assortment of knitting magazines while in KY including UK-based Knitting, the new Creative Knitting, and the standby Easy Knitting, but I've been eagerly awaiting the new Interweave. I need to just renew my subscription. But, there's something about going out and buying it off the stands - an added thrill - and, yep, added cost.

  • Hey, Yarn Harlot just finished a baby-sized version of her Very Harlot Poncho. It's adorable. This is the poncho I started (four a four year old) while away and ripped back to try again on different needles since my chenille was looping. I'm going to start it again this week.

  • Check out this loop-de-loop ruffly thing at Plays With Yarn. I've been seeing that around this week - I think I was browing a Scarf Style knitalong, and it's hugely popular there. Cool.

  • Nicole at Craftapalooza finished a sweet bag in Noro's Blossom. I love the lining she's used here, too. That's a great touch.

  • For a final laugh, don't miss Sharon's clever recent Lord of the Rings spoof. Since Matthew always referred to Spencer as "my precious" in a very Gollums-sounding way after the baby was born, this had added resonance for me.

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Hey Amy. Thanks! Have you finished your Charlotte's?? Wasn't one a gift, have you gifted it yet? Have you seen 'Knitting on the Edge' you might like some of the stuff in it, since you like lace. Lace frightens me :)

Amy, thanks for the shout out! I've had to put the ruffly thing on hold until I get done with all the Christmas knitting, but it'll be fun when it's done.

Nicole, lace really isn't as scary as it looks. Just a warning, once you start you won't be able to stop....

Thanks for all the links / inspiration! Lace knitting is a wonderful thing, and the Cherry Tree Hill yarns are gorgeous. If you can wait until Stitches W. in Feb., I bet there will be some vendors there with some great lace yarn / pattern selections (fingers crossed).


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