Sock Talk


I have taken note of the Broadripple sock pattern before, particularly because there is a version available for Koigu. But, I just noticed yesterday that the original version of the pattern (at Knitty) was for Cascade Fixation. This sparked my interest because M., who has been pretty under-interested in my sock knitting (though she does think my Making Waves socks, which she refers to as the Ja Woll pair, is beautiful), recently revealed that she doesn't really want handknit socks because she doesn't like wool on her feet. After 12 years, you'd think I'd have heard that before, but I hadn't.

Since I have a few balls of Fixation in my very cluttered creative space, a step up from being in the basement stash, I have been contemplating these socks.

(Creative Space: pre-children idea. The space was originally a closet but now houses knitting, watercolor, sewing, scrapbooking, beading, dollmaking, and so on acoutrements. Unfortunately, it's packed to the roof and offers no room to actually sit at the desk and 'do' something creative.)

I was asking her this morning some generic 'fit' questions since I know the calf needs to be bigger, just at the very top, and the foot standard, which makes it complicated on some level. However, the Fixation has stretch, so that's a plus in its favor (as Rob notes in the pattern). Plus, she can get my socks on as a rule. Granted, my socks seem to always be too big for me, but that's a different issue! The Fluted Bannisters I'm making are just huge. I don't know what my trouble is. Luckily, I don't really mind or get all worked up about a saggy sock. I'm from the scrunch sock era.

So, she was trying on the finished FB sock, which gave me a chance to admire it 'on' someone. I said something about the heel being very pretty. (I used the same garter stitch edged eye of partridge as I did on the last sock.)

She looks up and says, "That's the peacock heel, right?"

What's a girl to do?

At any rate, I just turned the heel on sock number 2 this morning, so I'm in the homestretch. Spencer took an uncharacteristically long (meaning more than 45 minutes) nap in my lap this a.m. giving me time to do the 36 rows of heel flap, turn the heel, and pick up one side of the gussets. Life is sweet.

Of course, Sharon reminds us that nothing will happen if I don't make the deadline of November 30 for completing the socks as part of the Six Sox Knitalong. Still, the presence of a deadline at all is a good impetus for me. I like having the structure it imposes. Without it, I might never finish a pair of socks at all. Instead, I'd have all singles.

(I actually saw in the Flax catalog recently that they were selling socks in threes. A pair and a spare, I guess.)


You do realize that, in spite of my bravado, I will be close enough to finishing by the deadline that of course I WILL have to finish my Fluted Bannisters too. Sigh...throwing off the shackles is not easy. Your cluttered creative space...I have more than one of those!

Learning something new about a partner after 12 years is wonderful!

Knitting for Michelle is a consolation to me. I can't do much to help her RA but knitting socks for her keeps her feet warm and toasty- she's always cold and it makes her joints hurt more than usual.

The thoughts of knitting with a child sleeping in your lap warmed my heart!

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