'tis the season

Thanksgiving was wonderful, and we had a really nice long weekend that really "felt" like a long weekend in a way I don't remember in a long time. Especially now that I'm not working as much, some days it becomes harder and harder to distinguish between weekdays and weekends, which brings with it a strange sense of disorientation since those can be determining factors that help us order our worlds and realities. But, this one was good.

I've been blogging in my head for days, but I realize nothing made it to my site since last week. See. It really was a good and restful time. Here are some highlights...

  • We went tree shopping (remember, we had problems unpacking our pre-lit this year). We've had this tree for several years, and we've talked about getting a new one. But we love this one. So, it took us off guard when the lights didn't go on. (Had we planned on buying a new tree this year, we'd have ordered one from QVC a few weeks back.) We spent time unwrapping one of the strands thinking we could just replace the three that were not working. Finding that a bigger challenge than it might be worth, we headed to the store. Unfortunately, they didn't have anything we liked. BUT, they did have the Lightkeeper PRO. Ironically, we had seen it on QVC a week or so ago and thought it brilliant. At that point, we didn't need it, but it made an impression in our brains, and boy were we thrilled to see it at our local Target and more than willing to give it a try. It worked! It's amazing. You pull out any bulb, plug the tool in, pump it a few times, and your lights come on. Just ingenious. Just the coolest. Just totally worth twenty bucks, for sure. With our new gadget, the tree was lit in a matter of seconds.

    Then we spent a nice evening with Matthew and M. doing most of the tree trimming while I Bjorned Spencer around and took some video footage of the decorating process. Matthew has always loved hanging the ornaments, and it's one of the sweetest times of the year for me. Next year, Spencer will be able to help. It's just amazing to me that only a year ago I was hugely pregnant and totally stressed out about getting ready to go to KY for the holidays because I was so afraid of delivering early. (I did deliver early, but not that early, and not in KY!) Now Spencer is 9 months old. Crawling. Standing all the time. Into everything. And just plain adorable. I feel the year from last to now has just spiralled so quickly and I haven't had time to keep up or take stock of where and who I am this year as opposed to last, and this year as opposed to next.

  • My Broadripple socks are almost complete. I'm hoping to finish the second sock today. (If I was knitting right now instead of blogging while Spencer is snoozing, I'd be done for sure.) I love how they've turned out.

    br sock

    I'm not 100% sure my attempts to deal with the sizing issues panned out. But, maybe. The top of the leg is really loose on me. The rest of the sock fits me fine, which worries me. But, in theory, that should still make it okay on her. It's the calf that's the issue. I'm hopeful. But, I have told her to keep in mind that "it's the thought that counts"! (Yeah, she knows about the socks. It's hard to keep them secret since we're together day in and day out. But, she's been good and hasn't looked. So, she's seen the colorway, but not the pattern.) They are certainly pretty - and much fun to knit.

  • It's sort of a tradition that we (my mom, M., and I) give each other something to "do" as part of our holiday giving. This year, however, I'm struggling with what to give them. I'm the only one that overtly asked for anything, so I'm trying to find a few skeins of something (with something specific and small in mind) that they'll each like. I think I'm narrowing in on something good for each at this point, but it sure does feel like it's been a time-sink! Doesn't seem like buying yarn would be that hard, does it! But, I think of how much stash they both have, and then the idea gets muddled. I ordered patterns for each, but I'm not necessarily getting yarns that go with anything specific in the books I selected. Crazy, huh. However, I sent that order on home to try and minimize what we ship from here (gotta love bill-to-ship-to). Ah, well. I think I'm close to finalizing my decisions.

  • We went and saw The Polar Express over the weekend. The first time we went, it sold out just as we stepped up to the window. So, we Fandangoed the next day and got seats - but still had to end up in the very front row. Wow. That's close. The movie was awesome though. Really magical and cool and classic in all the ways it should be. There's maybe a little too much scary train stuff, a little too much roller-coaster action, and maybe it is a little "dark" in places (as we'd been forewarned). But the North Pole makes up for it all. I hear the bells ringing. Do you?

  • On a whim, I picked up Skipping Christmas and The Christmas Train recently, thinking it would be fun to read something seasonal (now, and then the other on the plane ride home). I started Skipping the other day. Silly me. I'm reading along and trip over the last name the "Kranks." Isn't that in the title of a new movie, I wonder to myself and aloud. (It is.) I keep reading, sort of halfway wondering if the movie is related. I'm trying to think through what I've seen of the movie trailer since I don't think I've given it total attention any of the times it's been on. I finally notice late last night that the edition of the book I have says something about "now a major motion picture" on the front! Too funny.

  • M. has been busy making awesome quilted bags and backpacks for holiday gifts. I'll show you pictures soon. Our living room and dining room look like a craft store has taken up residence. Ahhh. That's how I remember our house looking most of the time before the boys!

  • I'm still waiting on a new journal from M. to kick off the holidays and help with my incessant list making. Maybe one for he new year at least.


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