Candy cane hats

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We made it. Actually, it was a smooth and uneventful day of travel. We're lucky to have really good young travelers. Matthew popped out of bed at 4 a.m. bright-eyed, perky, and ready to go.

He sat in the living room while we got the last things ready.

"When is the rocket ship coming?" he asked us.

It took us a minute, after all it was early, and I'd opted for no coffee. But we're moms of a nearly-four boy. We followed the thought path as if he'd laid railroad tracks (to the moon) right before us.

In the days leading up to the trip, we'd talked over the sequence of events for the day. Shuttle, plane, rental car...

Somehow that morning the association of shuttle to rocket ship was stronger in his head than the image of the big blue van we always take to the airport!

Things got even more confusing when I was explaining that the plane was taxi-ing to the runway for takeoff.

So, after taking a rocket ship to the airport and flying a taxi to KY, we drove the last leg in.

Today we woke to beautiful fluffy snow and bitter cold. No accumulation, but very pretty. Very cold.

Since we arrived, I've been working on finishing up the third and final red and white striped hat mom was making (for the three grandsons). How did I get roped into it? I'm not really sure. I recall wheedling. I recall cajoling.

Since I (gasp) didn't bring an active knitting project, I agreed to finish (well, make really, as she only had about an inch started) the final hat.

In anticipation of new projects to come, I made the tough decision not to bring knitting to start. Instead I brought a needlepoint belt I designed for Matthew. I really just have the background to do. He just recently started expressing an interest in wearing a belt (we have a few, and he's always shunned them, but he was infatuated with one the other day while shopping). I'm not sure he's really ready, but he could be close, so I thought I'd work on it pre-Christmas.

Instead I've been stuck with a 4x4 rib in candy cane self-striping sock yarn.

I finished last night. Just need to draw the needle through the remaining 8, tuck some ends, and do tassels for this one and for my nephew's. When I was here in Oct., mom wanted me to make pom-poms for the tops. I'm not a pom-pom fan, so I just made a length of i-cord, attached it and knotted it for Matthew's. When the nephew saw Matthew's tassel the other day during an impromptu modeling session, he decided he really wanted one, too.

I do want to be able to tell them apart easily, I'm going to try a corkscrew tassel for one them.

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I'd love to see a picture of all three boys in the hats!

Hope you had a great holiday, Amy!

Blessings, good wishes and happiness to you in the new year!

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