Making a list; Checking it twice

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The final countdown has begun. The lists have been checked and double-checked. Clothing debates have been waged, chosen clothes rolled, needles packed, and a 'snacks bag' begun. It is probably only natural that being such a packrat, I have an almost compulsive tendency to overpack. Having children has forced me to curb that tendency a bit when it comes to my own things. The sheer logistics of what we really need to carry outweighs, for example, my desire to tote watercolor paints and paper, a spare journal, an unstarted needlepoint project, or extra yarn 'just in case.'

Now I just overpack for the boys. But, better to be overpacked when taking two small boys on a plane ride than underpacked, for sure!

'Going home' at Christmas is a creative time for me. I have less free time now that we have the boys, and that's okay. Christmas is such a wonderful time with them. Matthew, especially, is old enough now to really be into the magic of it all.

Still, any time my mom, Megan, and I are together, we get a lot done. Our creative energies feed upon each other, which makes it a lot of fun. Plus, we always ensure everyone gets at least one "to do" present. Plus, it's a ritual of mine to start something new on New Year's Day.

So, at 4:40ish Thursday morning, the shuttle will arrive and whisk us away to our Christmas in the mountains. Yes, we hope it will be white. (We live in SF after all! We don't see seasons, much less snow.)

Among the accessories going with me will be, yes, my new gauntlets. Love them.

my gauntlets

100 things

I'm thinking I might work on one of those 100 things lists on the plane. Part of me isn't convinced you all need or want to know 100 things about me, but it might be an interesting exercise to see what 100 make it to the list. In my head, when I contemplate the list, I'm often surprised by the random items that start popping up. I think the experience of making the list might be a bit like freewriting - you may not know where the list is going to take you until it's over. I could be wrong, but sometimes reading the lists (and I've read a number of them recently), there is a lyrical quality to them, a flow despite the staccato nature of the list itself that I find compelling.

This list would, of course, be one of many I'll be making over the next few weeks, and probably not the only one that will make it to my blog!

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I know you've said before, but which gauntlet pattern did you use? They look fabulous!! I SO want a pair of my own now... ;)

I know you've said before, but which gauntlet pattern did you use? They look fabulous!! I SO want a pair of my own now... ;)

The gauntlets turned out great!

Have a wonderful holiday!!!

Oh, and I thought I'd let you know that I dropped nearly $300 on and thus, have finally started my Christmas shopping. No hyperventilating necessary!

Have a wonderful holiday and a safe trip!

Have a great holiday!!

Wow! Nice gauntlets! Where did you say the pattern was from? And they only took one skein? Nice! Have a good trip -- Jenifer

Where did you get/come up with the pattern for your guantlets? I, and some friends on a knitth list I am on, have been looking for such patterns. Your's are the first I have seen that I would actually wear! I want to make myself and my Aunt Charlotte each a pair.

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