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It's true. There really isn't any knitting progress to report. I did cast on the red baby hat for Spencer the other night in the, um, middle of the night. We were up because of the super congestion making sleep for the little one near impossible. I thought his problems were just teething related (and I'm sure some of it is), until, as the fate of motherhood would have it, he passed whatever he's got to me. I was sitting there in the middle of the night feeling utterly miserable and it hit me like a ton of blocks that he'd been feeling the same way and we didn't really know. Needless to say, my normal maternal sympathy skyrocketed to new levels as we sat in shared misery.

Once he finally dozed off in the rocker, I cast on for his hat. I'd swatched (something I don't do that often) earlier in the evening. It was a small swatch, but it was enough to get the gist of the stitches per inch. I then turned to the Knitter's Handy Book of Patterns to get my cast on number. This is, after all, just going to be a cute but generic hat out of great yarn and that will be perfect under his new Santa red Land's End fleece jacket.

After a brief debate with myself, I decided to make it bigger rather than smaller. After all, his head had taken a huge jump in size at our recent doctor's visit, but I found it hard to be worried since Matthew's head was always off the charts. At 3 he already wears an adult sized hat, as proven true yet again when he picked out a Tommy Hilfiger ball cap the other night at Macy's while shopping for Uncle Adam - and it fit!

So, the 18mo-4yr size it is. (Yeah, that's quite a range.)

My gauge was in the middle - 3.5 stitches to the inch in stockinette on straights. My choices were 3 or 4.

Figuring that my knitting is always more even in the round, and thus often a bit tighter, I decided it was best to assume I'd be closer to 4 stitches to the inch in the round.

And I was off, casting on the requisite 80 stitches.

It was the middle of the night. I was feeling less than normal. My head was pounding and thickening by the second as swallowing and breathing both began to be processes I really had to think about.

But none of that explains why the hat is simply gigantic. Just huge. Just probably too big for even us moms in the house.

So, I recast on last night for the 3 per inch pattern. We'll see how it goes.

A cooking digression

That same night, before we moved to the rocker, we paced the floor in the kitchen, and I flipped through some new book catalog that had arrived. I can't think of what it was now (not Bas Bleu). I folded down several pages, but this book is worth a mention: Small-Batch Baking by Debby Maugans Nakos. If you've ever wanted to make just a plate of cookies rather than enough for the neighborhood, this book is supposedly for you. It sounds amazing. I'm one of those people that prefers chips to chocolate, in general. But sometimes my sweet tooth kicks in. The problem is that if I make 4 dozen, it's far too likely that I'll eat 3 dozen (albeit over the course of a few days). I know. It's a problem. But wouldn't it be nice to make just enough for a few servings and then be able to make something else. So, you're not committed to having the same thing day in and day out until it's either gone or molded. And, you don't have to feel guilty throwing out tons of food. I'm gushing, I know. If it's half as good as it sounds, this is sure to be a winner.

Congratulations to

... the Yarn Harlot, who announced today that her book is scheduled for release in March. Her blog has become a 'must-read' for me, and I'm sure the book will be wonderful.

Despite Christy's reasonable, logical, and rationale argument that the beaded socks (#4 in the Six Sox knitalong) are good simply because they'll enable those of us that haven't knit with beads before to learn the technique on a small scale, I'm still disappointed. I know Christy is right, and I wish I could be excited. I'm disappointed in myself that I'm so unexcited, quite honestly. But, I am. There. It's out. I've said it. I was just hoping for something great. Something I could get started and take with me home for the holidays. Something else.

I can't help it. I'm feeling very bah humbug about the socks. Which is sad because I'm also feeling really strange not having a pair of socks started. I think somehow in the process of the knitalong I've transformed from a knitter that knows how to make socks to a sock knitter. They've seeped into my consciousness, become a part of my daily knitting, become something I do as a habit, like reading in bed. Who would have thought socks would become something akin to comfort food!

So, I was much looking forward to the release of the new pattern on December 1. Now, disappointed, I'm sock-in-progress-less. I've still got the hat to do and the gauntlets, but I'd like to have a sock started. I've got tons of patterns of course. But every time I think about picking one, I tell myself that the hat and gauntlets should take precedence. Starting the next sock for the knitalong would have been acceptable, however, and wouldn't have raised precedence issues. After all, that's the knitalong.

Ah well.

LEGO update

Today was number 13, and it was a great red Santa with thread to make it into an ornament. Very cool.
I've got to get on the stick laminating 4 sheets (of 16) of LEGO people I've created from the cool LEGO application first pointed out to me by Mommio. Matthew loves that app, and I've created 64 people that I've printed out and am going to magnetize/laminate (using my Xyron) as a plane gift. He'll love playing with them on the upcoming trip. That, two cool sticker books, a new Christmas I spy book. He'll be a happy camper for the 4ish hours.

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Ohmigosh, what a cute gift idea!!! We might have to do that here too.

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