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Matthew loves color and colors - even though he still pronounces them 'tuckers.' Child development charts often list color recognition in the three-year range, or later, and colors appear in preschool curriculum lists and sometimes kindergarten. That makes no sense to me as Matthew has known his colors since before he could say them. After a brief spell where he would call yellow red and red yellow, he's become very color savvy, in fact.

Shapes, colors, numbers... he loves all three.

One of his cool firsts this year (for all of us), was his first big box of Crayola crayons.

From my childhood, I remember fascination with burnt sienna, magenta, salmon, and cornflower blue. I loved the names, the words. I loved fuchsia, too, though to this day I have trouble spelling it right. Then there was midnight blue and the wonderful world of blue-green and green-blue.

Times have changed. Crayola has done some name adding and overhauling. I'd say they've messed with a perfectly good box of 'tuckers,' but that Crayola has a 'macaroni-and-cheese' orange thrills Matthew. (At least there is no chicken nugget brown.)


Last night he was working at his easel where he was drawing trucks on a fourplex of blank greeting cards. (The school does art framing as a fundraiser and then displays the kids' art at an artshow so the kids see their work hanging.

M. and I decided to try cards last night hoping we can have a diptych or triptych framed. Matthew doesn't care about the framing (doesn't really understand), but liked the idea of drawing on the cards for other people. He later announced that none of them are for us. They are for Alex, Adam, Stacie, and Grandma.

("Okay, honey. So what truck are you going to draw next?")

I was sitting on my office chool watching, suggesting, asking questions, handing out requested colors, encouraging, and holding Spencer, who has this week decided the easel looks cool, out of the way.

Before I adopted the roll of color finder and dispenser, however, I had to make a pit stop in the kitchen to clean out the paint brushes and put the paints away - now that Spencer has discovered them and wants desperately to grab them.

While I was rinsing brushes, Matthew ran in holding a crayon. 'This is violet,' he said excitedly. "That's right," I said, glancing at the label but knowing M. had just read him the name, and he'd ran to relay it to me.

"Violet is a kind of purple," I told him.

"It's a kind of person, too," he said enthusiastically. "At school."

I had to laugh. He's right. There is a little girl named Violet!

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It's a kind of person, too!

I love that! Kids are so amazing!

I agree that color recognition often comes earlier. My nephew knows his colors and he's not yet three.


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