They're Guinevere-esque


All I can say is wow. The Koigu I'm using for my gauntlets is awesome. I had high hopes for it when I picked it up a few years ago. I don't think it was last year. No, last year at the annual after-Christmas sale at a local yarn store near my mom's, we had caught a felting bug and all three of us bought wool, fuzzy yarns for trim, and needles to make Fiber Trends felted totes. So maybe it was the year before when I picked up two skeins of this unbelievable Koigu colorway.

This year, it has been simmering. I have brought it out several times, trying to decide how to use it. Socks? A hat? Gauntlets?

Unrolled, it was so pretty I knew it had to be something special. Something I would wear frequently. Something people would see.

Gauntlets won out, probably largely because I don't have a pair yet.

I'm using the same modified pattern I used to make M's, but I started things off with baby cables instead of a standard rib.

Here are some in-progress shots - top of hand, underside, and a close-up. I'm still working on gauntlet #1.

guantlets guantlets guantlets

(The photos are disappointing. The first two I took in the kitchen this morning with the lights on. So, the color doesn't seem true. Too warm. The third one I took the other day in another room. You can see how different they look. When they're done, I'll get a good outside photo that captures the true color range.)

Watching the colors unfold has been amazing. The palette is so rich and deep. It almost glows. There is a good bit more green in it than I expected, but the green is balanced by purple and red and even some oranges and yellows. The result is so lush and intensely colored that it has royal overtones.

I have a strong fascination with Arthurian legend, and years ago, I would always be tempted by something if M. deemed it 'very Guinevere-esque.'

We don't do that so much anymore. But I did recently buy a Holly Yashi necklace in greens and purples and blues that struck me as very Guinevere-esque, so maybe the concept has cycled back into my life. (Come to think of it, I had a very strong celtic/Scottish period about a year after Matthew was born, too.)

These are perfect.

Mittens in 05?
I'm toying with the idea of an extended 'mitten along' in 2005, a la the 6 Sox. Anyone interested? It could be a lot of fun. The idea is still brewing...

Hat sighting
We were in Borders the other night, and the young woman working in the children's section ran into us as she rounded an aisle.

"What great hats you all have!" she said.

Spencer was wearing his new red hat. Matthew had on his rainbow hat. I had on my favorite Kim Hargreaves Rowan Big Wool hat.

Pausing to give each of our toppers the once over, she again said how neat they were and asked if someone had made them. I said I had, and she said how much she liked them, especially Matthew's rainbow hat which she termed cute and then quickly amended to 'cool' obviously fearing he might react to the 'cute' word. (He didn't/doesn't.)

It was nice to be noticed. Made my night. That's the great thing about hats though - they're hard to miss!


I'd be into a mitten-along.

Very cool gauntlets. I may have to do a little stash diving tonight :)

Very nice gauntlets. I've been told I'm not a "real" knitter until I've knit with koigu, but I don't get the attraction. :)

i made the regular version of those gauntlets and love your modified version. i could just buy one skein of the koigu! i might try to make them someday. i would be into a mitten along, also. it's not that cold where i live but i am really into making mittens. lemme know if you start one.

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