What's missing

You know those commercials about the thing being missing with digital cameras are the pictures... well, I was just sitting here doing some blog reading. Spencer is snoozing in my lap. The light bulbs both blew out in the office light above me this morning, so it's dark in here, and the heat is on, both of which, together, are making me sleepy. But I can't sleep because too soon we'll need to leave to run get Matthew. So, I was blog surfing. And, for like the zillionth time, I was struck by the fact that even though I read some of your blogs every day, in many cases, I don't know your names. And a few of you crossed my mind when I was putting together my holiday cards list, but I don't know your addresses. For most of you, I don't know what you "do" beyond knitting (and maybe mothering). You might mention a press release or a product launch or a deadline of one sort or another, but I still don't know what you do. It's a strange sort of disorientation that comes with the blog world. On the one hand, some of our blogs leave us strangely exposed. We sometimes read more than we might feel we should know, and we love that. We get to be knit and life voyeurs. We make friends though our entries. And let what is missing somehow is "knowing" each other.


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