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I'm here in KY again, and Mom is home (and doing well). Packing to come, I debated forever about what to bring to work on. As I packed this time, it struck me how much of a homebody I am - and how hard that makes it to go places. I pack and pack and pack and always overpack. I look around and think, well, maybe I'll want that. I'm only here for two weeks, and yet I was tormented by deciding what to bring, and deciding what to bring to knit was the worst.

In the end, I brought:

  • Easter-egg colored Eros. Reason: It's easy knitting for hospital sitting. And, we decided an Eros scarf would be a good auction item - unless we love it and decide to keep it.
  • Megan's bee-striped socks. Reason: I debated about bringing these because I had her try on the progress on the first sock before I left, and she thought it might be a little loose. Given that it's a toe-up sock, I worry about working on it remotely. But, I brought it anyway.
  • Koigu to start my own Charlotte's Web Shawl. Reason: when it comes to Charlotte, I'm not sure you need one! But, I've got it in my head now to make one for the auction. It's the perfect opportunity to wear one since I should be child-free for the evening (a very rare thing).
  • Falling Leaves Shawl in Cherry Tree Hill Baby Loop Mohair. Reason: I started this at Christmas, and I felt bad not working on it before starting Charlotte. So, I brought it, too.
  • Clapotis. Reason: It's finished, but I thought I could block it here. Plus, I knew Mom would want to see it in person to see how the dropped-stitches look.

That's not very much. For me, in fact, that's a pretty narrow knit list when it comes to vacation packing. So, I did good, and my choices have so far proven right on track.

While in the hospital all day Monday, I worked on the Eros scarf during Spencer's brief naps. Everyone who saw it used the word "Easter" in their comments. Something about the colors really do bring Easter eggs to mind.

At the house, I've been kntting on the Falling Leaves shawl. My theory was that I could spend the first week on it, and then start Charlotte on week 2. I'm really enjoying the Falling Leaves again though. I'd moved it to a strand of yarn in January before flying home to SF, so when I got here I had to re-needle it. It took me a bit of time to get my bearings on the needles, but once I got things going again, it's going well.

Maybe I'll get a chance to do some pics in the next day or so...

Some things that caught my attention on the plane while thumbing a recent Child magazine:

  • February 14-20 is Random Acts of Kindness Week Supposedly there are 100 easy ideas for "cultivating compassion in your community" at
  • Children ages 4-8 need 800mg of Calcium a day. 1/2 cup low-fat milk has 150 mg. (We have a dairy-heavy house, and the numbers still surprised me.)
  • In the new whole grains push (have you noticed all the cereal ads), it's interesting to note that kids need at least three servings a day.
  • Unstructured preschools (versus more structured academic ones) have been proven to give kids a creative edge and being "bored" is actually a pretty good thing when it comes to fostering imaginative skills. (All of this I knew, but it's nice to see it reinforced yet again in print.)
  • "Inventor Thomas Edison... zones out regularly as a child. And as a boy, the architect Frank Lloyd Wright would get so caught up in his daydreams that grown-ups had to physically shake him out of them."
  • Recipe for a "vanilla steamer": Add 2 tbsp vanilla syrup (like DaVinci's) to 12 oz. milk. Whisk to make frothy. Pour into two mugs and microwave 1-2 minutes. Sounds good, huh?
  • Great-sounding easy recipe for Golden Corn Chowder. I'm going to have to try it.
  • Wacky Wigglers, a building toy Grandma bought for the boys at Christmas, is listed in the article "Tech Toys that Promote Creativity." We had a great time with them.
  • None of the "10 Best Children's Hospitals" in the country are near us.
  • A "painting" party sounds like a lot of fun for an older kid's birthday party. Really unusual - but they've listed a number of fun activities and ideas to tie the theme together. (Us: We're slated for the "knights" party next month.)
  • Books mentioned: Remote Control Childhood, Play Dates, Spinning Straw into Gold

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Glad things turned out okay.

I'd love to see a picture of the Easter Egg Eros to see if it's the same color I've been calling Easter Egg :-)

Glad to hear your mom's doing better. It's wonderful that you're able to hang out with her for a while -- I'm sure she loves have you there!

Looking forward to seeing progress pics on your variety of projects! I'm an overpacker too. On my last trip to my parents I not only took a wide variety of knitting projects, but also threw the sewing machine in the car "just in case." !!!

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