Clapotis Question Answered!

Huge thanks to Anna at Finally Waking Up for answering my Clapotis question (from earlier today).

Somehow when she described what happens, it made total sense. I think in my head I was envisioning ending up with a length of yarn at the end of each unravel, and I couldn't figure out what I'd "do" with that yarn.

That's of course not what will happen. But, I get it now!

Now I can knit on Clapotis in peace without this naggling worry that when I finally get to the dropping stitches point things will be a shambles - or that I'll end up with huge amounts of tucking in to do and unraveled ends to hide.

It sounds almost foolproof, in fact!

(It would have made sense once I did it the first time, but I knew you bloggers would help set me straight now so that I didn't have to worry about it from now until I get to that point!)

Thanks, Anna!

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