Flashback to Charlotte

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Last fall, I was finishing my first Charlotte's Web when my mother ended up in the hospital for emergency surgery. Blocking the shawl, my first lace project, was a really philosophical process for me. I felt kinetically tied to my mother as I worked on pinning the shawl and adding the fringe. The tranquil turquoise tones of the shawl were soothing, peaceful, and gave me hope that she would be okay. Working on the shawl that day had all the qualities of a silent prayer. Even as I struggled to make the Koigu relax enough to stretch to the specified size (it never did), I felt in tune with the universe. The big picture was spinning all around me, out of my control, and yet I was able to find a center of calm, a center of faith, in working on something "for" Mom instead of simply waiting by the phone.

In December, I presented Mom with the shawl (which she loved), and in January, I showed you pictures of her modeling it. It's perfect on her.

Today is the day of her follow-up operation. This time, it wasn't an emergency. It's a major surgery, but we all knew about it ahead of time. It was planned. It was already on my calendar. She was able to pack her bags (and her knitting) to take to the hospital today.

I got the call a few hours ago that the surgery went well and as expected, which was good news. I'm waiting now to hear that she's in a room, came through recovery well, and that things will go smoothly until the baby and I arrive on Sunday to be with her (again) as she transitions to home and another long recovery period.

Unfortunately, I don't have a Charlotte in progress today to work on to again give me a center of calm. Still, I know she'll be fine, and in a few days (mere moments in the scheme of our lives), we'll be home knitting together.

It probably wasn't accidental that I was thinking just yesterday about starting a new Charlotte. I'm trying to figure out what projects to take home with me, and I thought I might take along Koigu to start me own Charlotte. I'd like to make mine with a goal of wearing it to the preschool auction on March 5. That's a reasonable project, and it would be fun to start. But I haven't totally decided yet. This morning, I was leaning against taking Charlotte. Instead, I was thinking of taking a few projects that are in-progress already like a green fizz and ladder-yarn scarf, Megan's bee striped socks, and maybe the Falling Leaves shawl. But, I'm not sure. Charlotte would be more fitting somehow.

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I'm keeping you and your mom in my thoughts!


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