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Our boxes from KY just started arriving yesterday. Boxes 1, 2, and 3 showed up late yesterday, which thrilled Matthew when he got home from school since the Rescue Heroes Fire Truck and Robot Jeep were in it, along with a huge Lego X-Wing Fighter and Yoda's House set.

(We spent pre-bedtime time last night building Yoda's house. Very cool! I think I now need to re-watch Empire Strikes Back to see Yoda's house in the movie since the fact that you build a light saber into his bed (e.g., under the mattress) is part of the kit. I don't remember that from the movie, so now I'm compelled to get my copy out and take another look.)

Back to the boxes...

We shipped 7 boxes home pre-holidays, and shipped 5 boxes back to CA post-holidays. To some that probably seems crazy, but to us, it seems manageable and is just part of the holidays. It's worth it to be able to spend an extended Christmas with Mom (2 weeks) and still have Christmas seem normal for the kids. It wouldn't be the same if we did presents in CA quickly before leaving town. They'd not get to play with and enjoy anything they opened. So, we just factor shipping both ways into our plans. It works.

As the boxes arrive, I'll be able to start taking pictures and blogging some of the great things I got for gifts. The UPS site tells me that the next box is scheduled for delivery today. I'm hoping it's got the rest of the yarn I'm waiting for in it.

In the interim...

Here's something funny that happened while we were home... We'd headed out to pick up fast food. I can't remember where we adults were getting food from, but we'd gone to McDonald's to get a Happy Meal for Matthew (since he's not very experimental yet; McD's or Wendy's are about his fast food limit). It was really cold that night, and I'd forgotten my gauntlets at the house, so I had on a pair of foldover mittens Megan had left in the rental. She bought them one year while we were vacationing in Maine. They're pink and dark pink, with Fair Isle patterning, and the top of the mitten flips back and buttons, making it a fingerless mitt when that's what you want.

While we were waiting to pay, I was telling her about the "Mitten Along" idea I've been brewing and how I'd been thinking that one of the kinds of mittens I'd be interested in making was the flip-back top.

I'd just said that when the cashier opened the window. Noticing the mitts, she said, "Cool! I have a pattern for those at home that I'm knitting."

I told her we'd just been talking about wanting to make that kind.

"It's an online pattern," she said. "Just go to"

As we told her we love Knitty and bid her Happy Holidays, we had to laugh.

It seemed a perfect tribute to knitting's mass appeal these days (and Knitty's widespread audience).

P.S. The pair she was talking about: Broad Street Mittens by Janis Cortese.

P.S.S. I'm still thinking of a mitten along. Not because I just love mitten knitting above all else, but like socks, they're good projects to have going alongside bigger ones. Plus, you could really knock out some gifts with a mitten along. I heard from a few of you, but let me know if you're interested so I can get things going.

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Funny you should mention a mitten-along, been thinking of the same thing too :)

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