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Okay. I'm not a huge procrastinator, but I'm procrastinating a bit now. I've got a sudden and big assignment that got about a week turnaround time - a fire-drill, in other words. So, now that I've finally got half my family hustled out of the house and to the grocery and the baby asleep in my lap (how many times can I mention that this child just does not sleep), I'm here in front of my screen trying to take advantage of the maybe 45 minutes of peace and quiet I have to make sense of my myriad notes and craft a winning story out of the bits and pieces I've been given.

Nagging at the periphery of my concentration, however, are all the browser windows I have open with things I wanted to mention. So, to help my concentration, here's a quick list, which will allow me to close the windows and clear up some mental space...

  • I liked Stella's approach to New Year's Resolutions and the way she showed last years and noted whether she "did" them or not. In some cases, she did something similar but different. It's a good list. Interesting. Honest.

  • I really love the photo of the Kureyon scarf Jodi is knitting using a herringbone pattern from here. I'm not sure if it's one colorway or odds and ends. It's really pretty and has a ton of color. I've got some Kureyon in my stash, but I've always felt it's too woolly (read itchy) for me to really "wear" (despite that I love the usage of it in the Rosedale sweater). So, I haven't used it - and I figure it's destined for something felted sometime. But her scarf caught my eye for sure.
  • Wow, Elann's Peruvian Collection Highland Wool comes in a ton of wondeful colors - and catch the price. I've seen many references to making the Ribby Cardi. It's on my radar. I look at those colors and think about my poor Jo Sharp Anjuli. I'd love to "re-make" it out of new/different colors. But then, I'd like to finish the one I started, too. If we could only figure out where we PUT part of it, we'd be all set. Megan and I realized last year sometime that we had each put away part of our in-progress Anjuli's and now can't find them. We searched and searched, but they still have not turned up. Very frustrating. Seeing the Elann colors made me think about it.
  • Spencer wore a blue seed stitch cardigan (Debbie Bliss pattern) I made when Matthew was a baby out of a wonderful blue 1824 Cotton (Mission Falls). It looked so adorable on him. Got to get a picture.

  • SequinK finished her Clapotis. It turned out great. Her photo gives you a sense of how big it is, too.

There. Just a few things. But now those windows are out of my way.

Back to my regularly scheduled project.

(P.S. I felted the green bag just a bit ago. It's drying. I'll report on it tomorrow.)

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