Ringing in 2005

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Well, we're home! I add an exclamation point because it's nice to be home. It was sad leaving my mom's. It always is. And we had a fabulous time there with her. It was a wonderful Christmas even though there was some unexpected in-fighting. Still, overall, we had a great time. We love being at mom's and with mom. It's always nice to be home though, too.... back to our twin coffee pots (so that I can drink decaf), our super-powerful water flow in the shower, and other little things that make home home. Of course, we leave behind other niceties at mom's and ones even around town like a drive-through drop-off at the local library (something we really need here in SF where you have to walk your books in), every fast food restaurant you could want within a few minutes driving distance (we routinely drive about 20 minutes to get to Wendy's from our SF house), a Wal-Mart just down the road, an ophthalmologist that came in at night when called... there are things to be said for small-time living, for sure.

I've got tons of things I need to blog (including all the wonderful knit-stuff I unwrapped), but the New Year leaves me feeling a bit overwhelmed, especially since we just got home yesterday (and then had a power outage for several hours last night), so you'll get things in bits and pieces for a few days.

I did want to show a few pictures to get the New Year rolling...

Mom really liked her Charlotte's Web, and I think it looks beautiful on her. The colors are just right for her, as you can see from these photos.

gramma in shawl gramma in shawl

She would have looked great in a red and purple one, too, (had I been able to find the yarns when I was looking) to go with her Red Hat Club stuff, but I love the look of the teal. It's peaceful and tranquil and wise.

I mentioned before Christmas that I was working on helping mom (Gramma) finish the candy cane hats. I made hat #3 and did corkscrews for the tops of all three hats. Those took forever, but they really were easy to make and very cute once done. (The pattern for the corkscrew is in the Handy Book of Patterns.)

Here are pics of the boys in the hats. We never did get a photo of all three boys at once. The first photo shows Spencer and Matthew (with Megan). The second shows Matthew and cousin Alex (five months older than Matthew).

boys in hats boys in hats

On the plane home yesterday, I made a list of all the things (I could remember) that I knitted in 2004. It was a surprisingly long list, especially for a year in which a new baby arrived. I need to set up a gallery of finished objects, so this list is the foundation upon which I'll do that (when I get the chance). Still, even without photos, it's a list that stands as a testament to work completed.

  • Spencer's baby Koigu hat (started while in the hospital post-cesarean)
  • Spencer's red variegated hat (from Handy Book of Patterns)
  • Yukon fur-fringed hat (based on a LYS store sample)
  • Alchemy baby cable hat (original design)
  • Three rainbow hats from The Purl Stitch for Matthew, Megan, and me
  • Matching rainbow seed-stitch scarf for Matthew
  • Green Big Wool baby cable hat
  • Purple Cascade Skye cardigan (original design)
  • Love Bug vest for Matthew (original design)
  • Love Bug vest for Spencer (original design)
  • Mom's Charlotte's Web
  • Pink Eros scarf w/ ruffled ends
  • Red stained glass fringed Eros scarf for Megan
  • Chili Pepper Fluff scarf
  • Making Waves socks (part of 6 Sox KnitAlong)
  • Cloverleaf socks (part of 6 Sox KnitAlong)
  • Fluted Banister socks (part of 6 Sox KnitAlong)
  • Broad Ripple socks for Megan
  • Splash scarf for sister-in-law
  • Fiber Trends fur trimmed felted tote (which I love)
  • Gauntlets for Megan
  • Gauntlets for me
  • Touch Me scarf
  • Jo Sharp Oriole vest
  • Child's poncho (for school auction)

(Entries shown in red were made as gifts. It wasn't a gift-heavy year.)

Even though most of this list is accessories, I don't think I've ever finished so many things in a year before. I think the blogging community has been really, really good for me, and I'm looking forward to a really productive and blogworthy and bloggable and blogful(l) 2005! Cheers.

spencer new year

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I LOVE your mom pix! The shawl is gorgeous and it really really suits your beautiful mom!

Hey Amy, welcome back! Your boys are too cute. Your mum looks great in her Charlotte. I was just thinking myself what did I knit in 2004. I'll have to write a list.


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