Still Increasing


Clapotis is going well. I was hoping to get to Section 3 last night so I could drop my first row of stitches. (Yes, I'm eager to do tha. How often do we get to drop stitches intentionally!) But, I ended up crashing earlier than I'd expected and never did make it back out to my knitting chair to work on the remaning rows of Section 2.


You can't tell much from the photo (other than that the yarn is curling a good bit at the bottom), but the Mouton Bleu is working up nicely. Being 100% wool, it doesn't have the same kind of substance and won't have the same kind of drape as Lion and Lamb, or another silk/wool blend, would have, but it's nice, lightweight, soft, and will be warm without being heavy.

On non-knit notes... We finished watching Gilmore Girls Season 2 yesterday. I'm sad to be done with them. It's been great to have an episode to watch any time we wanted. We've decided we're going to have to own the seasons sets. They have that quality that you can watch again and again.

For you Palm puzzle gamers out there, give Cubis from Astraware a whirl. I just tried it out recently, and it's a great puzzle. I'm going to have to buy it. I was playing yesterday, and I hit a "you've played all the levels available in the unregistered version" note. It does say there are 50 levels in the registered version. Cool. Alchemy is another one to try. It is like a very old PC game we used to play called Ungaria. And, if you like word games, Text Twist and What Word are both ones I turn to time and again.

Unfortunately, I don't have OS 5, so I can't install Bejeweled 2. I need to swipe M's Palm one morning to give it a try and see if it necessitates an upgrade.


Welcome back!

Your Clapotis is looking great. The edge will uncurl when you start dropping stitches and block it. I just started the decrease section on mine today and am looking forward to getting it off the needles already!

Your palm games sound fun. I used to use a palm RELIGIOUSLY, but the batteries died just about the same time I moved to Santa Cruz and I've never replaced the batteries / upgraded. I took it as a sign of my changing lifestyle and just rolled with it!

Nice clapotis! Can't wait to see progress ... the dropping sts is fun here!

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