Surprise RAOK


Wow, I've been RAOK'd by Jenanne! I got a totally unexpected package in the mail containing two wonderful little books, a great pink beaded pen, sweet-tart candies, and an orange and vanilla candle that may be the best-smelling candle ever.


In her card, Jenanne writes: "I found these cute little journals, and the accompanying bead pen, and thought of you immediately! They're what I always consider 'disposable journals' the sort I carry in my knitting bag to make notes, etc. Hope you enjoy!"

I will, indeed, Jenanne. I love the journals - and I'm very much a collector of them! - and I love the pen and candle, too. I can't believe you thought of me!

This was a wonderful and touching surprise in an otherwise very hectic week. You made my day!


what a sweet raok! that's a great group, no? i wanted to tell you that i really like your sign at the top left corner of the screen - very cool!

lucky you! those notebooks are so handy.

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