The Felted Bags


As I mentioned on Sunday, I felted the green novelty bag over the weekend. Then, Monday, I finished up and felted the red novelty bag. The pre-felting moment is always exciting. Post-felting is sometimes a letdown. In this case, the bags turned out really cool. But neither felted as much as I expected.

The purple bag I saw in the store which made me want to buy the pattern and make these bags for the school auction was a small bag . My finished green bag is small but it's wider than I expected. When I was making it, I was worried about how small the dimensions say it ends up being post-felting, so for the red one, I made the next larger size. It is a good size, but it's much larger than I expected.

It seems to me that my felted items always end up shorter and wider than I expect. The knitted piece seems to be knit to allow more shrinkage in width and less in height, and I always get the opposite.

(Not that I've made a ton of felted items. I haven't. But the few I've done have shown an identifiable trend.)

While sizing puzzles and often frustrates me, handles may be the bane of the felting process for me. They invariably don't felt enough, or felt unevenly so that parts are skinny and parts or not, and they tend to end up longer than I expect. Pre-felting, I always worry that they'll be too short, and they seem to somehow grow in the felting process.

In this case, the green ones are very long; the red ones did okay.

I think part of the issue with the sizing discrepancies for these particular bags is the presence of the novelty yarns. After all, those yarns aren't going to felt, so the size of the bag can only change so much. At least that's my theory.

The red bag did do one really odd and unexpected thing... I used chenille with the wool throughout the bag. So, I'd do one chunk of a more overt novelty yarn and the wool and then add a section of chenille and wool. In felting, the chenille got loopy. There are places where there are rubber band sized loops of chenille hanging off the bag now. I'm going to go through and trim them. It's just odd that it happened.

(Then again, my Touch Me scarf has so many loops now that it looks too bad to even wear.)

I still have buttons to sew on these and i-cords to make and attach, but here they are.

(Bag before felting.)


(Bag after felting.)

Pretty cute, don't you think?


Have you put your Touch Me Chenille Scarf through the washer and dryer? It totally cured my worming problems, and looked (and felt) great afterwards.

I thing the bags look great, makes me want to knit some.

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