The Sounds of Clapotis

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So I commented the other day on not liking the name Clapotis for the shawl. It turns out it was all because I was pronouncing it incorrectly. I should have realized it needed to be pronounced with a French ending, but I didn't. Instead, I was pronouncing it crassly as "cla-poe-tis" where the "poe" was getting the stress, and the "tis" rhymed with "sis."

Say it aloud a few times that way, and you'll probably agree that it's not a nice sounding word for what is turning out to be a very beautiful shawl. You might even, like me, hear the overtones of disease.

Thanks today go to Jenifer at Knitting at 5337 for clueing me in. Correctly assuming I was just saying it wrongly, she dropped me a note explaining that it's pronounced:

    Cla-poe-TEE, like cup -o- TEA

Jenifer also added that it means something like "waves lapping," which goes along with the appearance of the ladder rungs left by the dropped stitches.

Jenifer wouldn't know it, but in addition to the much softer and more lush sounding name, knowing that it is linked to water and waves completely transforms the whole shawl in my head.

I love the name now. Wow, what a difference pronunciation makes!

1 Comment

I agree! I was recently advised of the correct pronunciation. I'm thinking of doing one in some of Axelle's yarns (two pointy sticks).

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