Assorted for Auction


Today is Valentine's Day. We spent a simple morning crowded on the bed exchanging gifts with each other and with the boys. Sweet. Fun. Special. I hope all of you received something (gift, word, hug, gesture) from someone you love be it friend, partner, child, or family member. Take time today to think about how lucky we are to have someone who loves us.

Didn't get to make it to Stitches this year. With M's torn ligaments, Matthew's birthday part, and winter colds lingering for all of us, we didn't get to go. Not that I "needed" to go. I have a huge stash - and not a lot of willpower when it comes to not buying too much yarn when it's in front of me. Even so, I'd really have liked to have gone. I was bummed about not going. Not much more to say.

I've talked a good bit about the upcoming auction for our cooperative preschool. We've got all our donations in now, and we managed to procure (and make) some really great items from some great companies, including a few yarn/fiber sources (which warmed my heart).

I've shown pictures of a few of the things we turned in (Clapotis, felted bags, etc.). I wanted to also share some pictures of three non-knit projects we did: Beep! Beep stool, Dream stool, and Mira the doll (she comes with a whole assortment of clothes).





Now, beyond the auction... we need a little list to note a few things that have caught my attention recently...

  • Project Dulaan - we all need to get involved.
  • The Hatmione Knit-Along - very tempted.
  • Must Have Too Knitalong - I've been debating and think I have to join. I have just the yarn to use - if I can just figure out where to get the pattern easily.
  • Flower Basket Knitalong
  • And aren't these the most adorable booties from leftovers here!
  • Finally, not a knitalong, not even a blog... but Nancy Bush's Knitting on the Road. I ran into a copy at Border's a few weeks back and picked it up (thinking it might be hard to get via Web - which was wrong. It's still in print and much cheaper at Amazon.). This is an AWESOME sock collection. There are a number of socks in here I want to make. I don't think I've ever picked up a sock book before and found so many wonderful patterns for socks I'd really like to have/make/own. Definitely a winner.


The stuff for the auction is darling. I particularly love the doll!

Knitting on the Road is a great book!

Please do come join us for the Must Have knitalong!

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