Baffling Codes

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So, my Mom did some "shopping ahead" for upcoming occasions, and she made notes in a little book so that she doesn't forget what she bought and for whom.

A good idea. But not when you can't figure out your own notes!

While I was there, she opened up the book to see this:

coded note

"Yarn = 2 x SEMARF."

We puzzled over it for a while one evening. Then it hit her that she'd been reading the DaVinci Code when she made the note, and so SEMARF was really "frames." She thought she'd be clever and use a simple code.

So, she had part of it figured out. But she still didn't remember what the "Yarn = 2 x" part stood for.

Later in the week, she was showing me some of the things she'd bought and stashed away, and she got a sudden look of understanding.

In one bag or another, the meaning of "2 x frames" became clear to her, and it's something for me. So, "yarn," she's decided, must be what she was using as a code name for "Amy."

Too funny!

Funny that she couldn't remember. Funny that I'm "yarn" in her head.

(Actually, the "yarn" looks a little like "yam" to me, which would be "amy" jumbled, of course. But she said it's "yarn," and it's her handwriting. So I guess she knows!)

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Your mom is cute!
My mom doesn't even bother hiding anything; she knows she won't remember anyway.

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