Bee socks go buzzing by


Rather than make myself crazy trying to finish My Charlotte for this weekend - and still risk not getting it done - I reconciled myself to the fact that it won't be done. It's not really a big deal. Having reached that conclusion. I turned my attention to Megan's second bee sock. Since the bulk of it is basic stockinette, it's a mindless knit and went quickly. Here it is. I'm ready now to pick up the Turkish Heel.


These bzzzers are soon to be a honey of a pair of socks (or a pair of socks for my honey).


that gives me a buzz. tee hee. i was trying to think of a bee-friendly pun and only came up with that one, and "that stings," but that sounds like "that stinks," and that just isn't nice! i saw that yarn this weekend at an lys and instantly recognized it as a celebrity yarn from your blog :) hope you had a great weekend, amy!

Turkish heel -- very exotic.

And I hear you about toe up v. cuff down. I'm not sure what it is about the toe up that doesn't jive with me, but no thank you!!

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