Cascade/Skye Cardigan Complete


Ahah. At last. Finally.

I actually listed the Cascade Skye Cardigan as complete in 2005, and I even blogged its completion when I finished the knitting, seaming, and collar. But, the sad reality is that even after I bought the perfect buttons, it sat in a pile being moved here to there and there again until it ended up in a heap next to the toybox in the office.

It needed to be steamed a bit before putting the buttons on, and it just wasn't something I ever got around to doing in part because I didn't feel I'd wear it much during Spencer's heavy puking phase.

(This probably has a lot to do with why I didn't work on many sweaters last year.)

But, last week he turned one. Since it's the sweater I was knitting the night my water broke, and since it's really the only thing I was able to muster the resources to work on creatively during the pregnancy, and since I had it in my head that, like Penelope unweaving the shroud, I could somehow stave off early labor by working on the cardigan (because he would not come until it was done), since there's a lot wrapped up in the smaller sizing of it, and since it was the subject of my very first blog entry, the cardigan is very sentimental to me.

I call it Cascade/Skye simply because of the two yarns I used (predominantly) in the making of it. (I also used Alice Starmore chenille in deep purple and Collinette Apollo for cuffs and collar.) But, I think it's really my Spencer sweater. It's special. And as his birthday approached, it was on my mind because it really is something tangible that locks me into that day (he was a month early despite my belief in Penelope's unweaving tactics!).

In my head, I'll always have an image of my knitting thrown aside on my chair as we rushed around dealing with unexpected and far-too-early water.

I had hoped to finish it "on" his birthday. You know how sentimental and philosophical and superstitious I get about such things. But it didn't happen. So Saturday, I pulled it out and got to work.

The steaming went quickly. It didn't need much. Then I tackled the buttons. After #4, I realized I'd put #2 in one rib section too low, so I had to take them back out. But eventually, I had them all in place.

I love it.

It's actually a very cropped cardigan, and fitted (even though it looks boxy in the photo), but I still love it. And I love the colors. I really love them. The Skye in the Slate colorway is so beautiful, and the striping sequence I used worked out so pretty against the purple Cascade. And I like how the bulkier Collinette Apollo worked on the cuffs and collar, letting me use up some odds and ends stash I bought early on in my knitting when I didn't realize one skein of this and one skein of that might be hard to really "make" anything out of!

So, a proud Mama, I show off Cascade Skye.

cardi cardi


Love your cardigan! It turned out spectacular!

and proud you should be - that's gorgeous! i like that there's history attached to it. that sweater will definitely be something to treasure!

(and ugh to early water breaking. when my dd came early and my water broke, my dh thought i'd dropped my soda on the floor b/c of the sound. sorry if that's tmi :D )

What a great story. You should do an action shot!!

Oh, these colors are so pretty! What a great sweater to greet the spring with.

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