Craziness is happing all around me. Or, more accurately, I'm in the eye of a tornado of craziness. I watch it spinning around me with zillions of things to do swirling in the air. But, things should calm down soon.

Tomorrow Matthew turns 4. So we have a super (but small) "Knights" party planned replete with Knight's Kingdom Bingo (which I designed), pin the shield on the knight, a shield-making project (foam and foamcore), and so on. Should be fun, and I'll share some photos next week.

I also have a number of auction photos to show off.

But, for now, I wanted to take a second and show off Clapotis. It blocked easily - which was good since I had a fairly rough time blocking my first Charlotte's Web. It's amazing how big it got, and how "lacy" it feels now that it's done. The fabric just totally changed in the blocking process. I liked it before. I like it now. It's just different now!

Actually, it came out a good bit larger than the pattern calls for. My end measurements were 28" x 69". So, it really did end up being a shawl/wrap rather than a scarf, but that was perfect - especially for an auction item.

Here are some photos.

clapotis clapotis

I would totally make Clapotis again. It was a fun (if long in the middle) knit, and the end result is totally worth it. Even Megan wants one - which is saying a lot!

I do want to do mine out of something more along the lines of Lion and Lamb rather than 100% wool (which I used here from stash). I'm not rushing to start one right away though. But it's in my 2005 project list. If the months slip away, maybe one for Megan for next holiday season.

(For more Clapotis fun, check out the Yarn Harlot as she attempted to resist the pattern's seductive call (she has since succumbed). Many great links to other wonderful Clapotis artifacts here. And, I'm relieved to see that I'm definitely not the only one who had trouble/fun with the name!)

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