Easter Eros


Oh, and here's a snapshot of the Eros yarn that I referenced as "Easter Eros." The lighting at Mom's wasn't great, but I think you get the sense of it here.

Easter Eros

I started this thinking we might need it for the auction. But I think we've managed to raise (and make) plenty to meet our auction requirement. So this will probably end up staying in the house for one of us!


That looke lovely! What stitch and needle size are you using for it?

I have something similar waiting to be knit up into a fun scarf but no idea how to make it look good, tried one set of needles and it didn't look quite right!

Congratulations on getting the auction knitting done!


wow - that's gorgeous. makes me long even more for spring, if that's possible!

shoo, mr groundhog, shoo!


That's the one I call Easter Egg as well! I figured it had to be the same one. Made a scarf out of mine this weekend, no pictures yet though. (There was a lot of movie watching Friday night.)


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