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One week down. One week to go.

We've watched four tapes full of Gilmore Girls. We made a wonderful Cream Cheese Pound Cake with Vanilla Glaze. We've laughed at American Idol auditions and been glued to the TV for Project Runway. We've empathized through the little one's teething and winter cold. We picked up 512 mb SD cards for our Palms at a great price. We've made some stitch markers. We've knitted.

My grand plan had been to work on Falling Leaves in week 1 and switch to the new, or should I say 'my', Charlotte in week 2. It was a good plan. It was a workable plan. It brings to mind the project management system where you rotate projects every so many days so that they all get worked on and you don't get bored or bogged down in one. That strategy never worked for me. I can't predict 'what' I'll want to work on let alone for how many days.

In this case, however, the plan was golden. Falling Leaves sped along swallowing up marker after marker. The diamond-shaped leaf clusters blossomed and tapered in slub-laden pools of vibrant purple, gold, orange, red, and brown.


(The lighting wasn't prime here. But this photo shows the color to some degree - though not to the intensity it is in person. The photo doesn't give a good look at the diamond leaves, unfortunately. I'll try to get a better one during blocking.)

I did face a few needle issues and did some swapping along the way. In her instructions on lace, Noble says she likes to use short needles - and not circulars. For Mom's Charlotte, I started on a shorter Addi circular - maybe 24". But as the triangular shawl grew, I headed out to buy a much longer Addi to keep the project protected when I'd lay it down.

For Falling Leaves, however, I took the author's advice. I was out of town when I started it, so I didn't have a circular 5 with me, and Mom only had really long metal straights (once my grandmother's). So I purchased my first set of Bryspun at a local store.

I really loved the Bryspun, actually. But I was constantly battling the expanse of the growing triangle. I hated to switch needles midstream, but it ended up necessary. I switched to the long metals (since I am at Mom's again). But those were cumbersome and hard to work with while holding the baby. Mom dug around and turned up a circular, so I transitioned again. That did the trick though. I think, for me, circulars work best.

So, I finished the eight vertical repeats up the middle. Having a small ball of Ariel left, I decided to do another half-diamond (which would make flanking diamonds complete). I finished up the twelve additional rows, five rows of garter, and loosely cast off to find less than ten inches of yarn hanging. That's what I call maximizing the ball!

I'll block it when I get back to SF. But I'm proud to claim shawl and lace project number two both complete and a success.

Finishing it up gave me leeway - and a clear conscience - to start my Charlotte. I would have liked to start on February 1, making it somehow a sentimental sweetheart project. That will make even more sense when I show you the colors! But, I got started on January 31.

(I'm actually on the plane heading home a bit early as I finish this entry in my Palm. M. tore something in her knee, so Spencer and I packed up and headed out a few days ahead of schedule leaving behind a sad mom/Gramma. We love you, Gramma!)

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Sounds like you had a great time with you mom -- hope she's feeling better. The falling leaves is so pretty! I'm a sucker for lace, shawls and pretty verigated yarns. I hardly ever wear shawls (I'm talking RARELY!) but I love them nonetheless.

And welcome back to sunny CA! I've worn sandals all week if you can believe it,...


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