A Case of the Wrong Magazine


Well, I’m not being very good about my hand. It’s unfortunately true. I tried being good. I really did. But, when I gave in yesterday and cast on something for which gauge isn’t a big deal and using big needles, all I could feel was relief – mental relief. I’ll make some concessions and not work on gauge-dependent things or small needles for a while to make sure I don’t clench or grip too tightly without knowing it (which I know sometimes happens with socks, for instance). But, I’m not going to just “not” knit.

(I tried, in fact, to cast on my Lorna’s Laces socks Friday night. I tried to do it very loosely. But then after knitting three rows, the cast on row just bothered me. It wasn’t even enough. Too loose in places. I re-rolled the ball for now. I’m convinced in another week, I’ll be up to it.)

I can “not” knit about as well as I can “not” write and “not” do email and “not” open bottles of Propel water (to which, thanks to my mom, I seem to be addicted) and “not” change diapers several times a day. All of those things involve the supposed-to-be-taped fingers. All of those things are critical in their own way to my mental well-being.

So, today is Christmas in July on QVC (something like 28 hours of Christmas items). I haven’t been out yet to check, but I know one knit blog friend who probably celebrated today, the 25th of July, with Christmas carols and movies (if I remember correctly from her blog last year). I think in year’s past, I’ve just sort of peripherally noticed this mid-year tradition. In fact, it seems to me that somewhere in August or September, I always realize that the holidays are approaching and then somehow blink and the season has wound down. Maybe the problem is I haven’t consciously been starting in July? I think I used to would have thought that July was way too early to think about Christmas. But this year I’m really feeling “into” it. I had noticed last week, in fact, that there were 23 weeks until Christmas. Why I actually counted, I don’t know, but I was doing something at the calendar, and the next thing I know, I was counting weeks. So, that makes 22 weeks from today.

Doesn’t sound that far off, does it? In fact, it sounds close enough to start thinking about the “rest of the year’s knitting” and what holiday gifts and just-for-me winter accessories might make my list. After all, when we wait to think about those things until November, we really end up just stressing ourselves out, right? So, I’m thinking and plotting and planning.

I realized just today that I made a mistake when I gave my mom a stack of Interweave’s to flip through while she was here. I wanted to know if she “liked” anything specific because I have an idea of something I’d like to make here. I ended up chasing one of the boys around while she looked through them, so I didn’t get to really see her page-by-page reactions, but I did gather (and Megan confirmed) that she hadn’t singled anything out really. I was a little surprised because I really thought the item I was thinking of was something that might capture her attention – and whimsy.

Just today when I was thinking about that item again and went to grab the magazine, I spent twenty minutes perplexedly flipping and re-flipping through the fall and winter issues wondering why I couldn’t find it. I belatedly realized the pattern is in Vogue. I don’t normally buy Vogue unless something really catches my fancy when I see it on the bookstore shelf, but I remember now that I bought that issue specifically for that pattern a bit after the fact because I felt sure someday I’d want to make it.

Too funny. Well, that explains why she didn’t mention she liked the item when looking at the Interweave’s!


Hope your hand feels better soon. I had a hand issue a couple of years ago (physical therapy, a brace, the works) and still managed to get some knitting in. My advise would be to just listen to your hands. Keep them relaxed, take rest breaks, stretch -- all the things you're already doing. You might try contrast baths too, they seemed to help me and feel really really great!

And xmas already?? I still can't believe it's "late summer". Ugh -- I'm so not ready!

I sure am glad that I didn't just miss the item you were sure I'd like -- makes me feel better to know it wasn't even in the magazine!!

Michelle exclaimed gleefully that it was Christmas in July yesterday. I just wasn't in the mood. We watched West Wing Marathon Monday on Bravo instead.

You were talking about me, right? No one else can be that insane.


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