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Starbucks Blog 7/11/05 1:40 PM

Funny to have to annotate the time and circumstance of blog entries, but for me, so many of them are not immediately at a connected computer. Instead, Iím often blogging from my Palm (for later synching), and, now, Iím blogging from the Starbucks (you canít just say ďcoffee shopĒ when itís a Starbucks) around the corner from the house. Todayís the third in our summer of ďthe sitter comes on Mondays.Ē The first time, I ended up playing with Spencer and the sitter most of the afternoon, after staying extra time when dropping Matthew off at preschool because he didnít want me to leave. The second time, I spent the afternoon at the dentist. This, the third time, is the first where I think Iíve got the next several hours to myself. Granted, Iím not connected, but thatís probably not all bad since if I was connected, Iíd potentially end up sucked into reading blog after blog instead of spending the time working on my own stuff. I also donít have the software on this computer that I need to be doing some of the work Iíd like to do. I guess if Iím finally going to accept that this ďisĒ the laptop Iím going to be using for a while, I may have to do some upgrading and adding on. As you can tell, I still mourn my Fujitsu lifebook greatly.

So, Iím here with the curious feeling of freedom and confusion that being away from the responsibilities of the children brings. Itís not a sensation Iím accustomed to, at all, and I sit here sort of at odds with my skin, waiting for the phone to ring, wondering if Spencer has woken up from a short nap, wondering what I do or where I should go when the money in my meter runs out, worrying that Iím doing the wrong thing by taking these few hours away on Mondays.

secret pal 5

I have to report in that Iíve been very spoiled by my Secret Pal 5. A package full of goodies, pink ones even, arrived on Saturday. It was great. My Pal sent me two skeins of Baby Ull in a wonderful fuchsia color for socks. Itís so soft, and the color is totally me. (My pal said she selected the brightest pink they had. I love it!) Iíve never thought of using Baby Ull for socks, but I think it's a really good choice, and the solid will be perfect to show off some patterning. Maybe the new socks in the Fall 2005 Interweave KnitsÖ. In addition to the yarn, my pal sent me a LEGO Clikits pink pen with hearts you can attach wherever you want (way cool), a purple mustang pen, a beautiful pen with Celtic patterning, and a charming little pig that is, of all things, a tape measure (which Spencer is holding in the photo at the top of this entry). Itís perfect for my fledgling tape measure collection. I canít imagine where she found it. Spoiled, I am. Thank you Secret Pal!

fbs fbs

Iím making steady progress on my Flower Basket Shawl, and I just love it. I love knitting lace (with bigger needles Ė the experience with the KnitPicks Shimmer on 1ís still has me stymied). I also find that even though Iím still having a good bit of trouble with my hand and fingers, knitting lace doesnít seem to cause me problems in the way that working on socks, for example, does. Iím sure itís because the whole experience is just Ďlooser.í At any rate, Iím just loving the process of this shawl. I canít wait to see it finished. Right now, itís still so bunched up that I donít have a strong sense of how it will look when spread out, and how this yarn will appear when blocked. Iím almost through the 7th repeat right now, and Iíve only just started the second ball, so I have plenty of yarn to work with. I donít see a lot of point in ďnotĒ using up the third ball I bought, so Iím going to let my yarn quantity guide the size, assuming I can guesstimate when to start the edging so I donít run out. Sharlene just completed her Flower Basket Shawl, and itís a gorgeous example of this pattern.

Itís interesting to me how so many of us work on the same projects, drawing creative energy and inspiration from each other. There are so many patterns out there, and I sometimes wonder how many patterns there are in any given book or magazine that ďno oneĒ has ever made. With the strong community of knit bloggers, so many patterns (Charlotteís Web, Flower Basket Shawl, Birch, Ribby Cardigan, etc.) these days become sort of ďcultĒ projects, or de facto knitting projects. Itís great for the designer (and publisher), but itís a strange thing to think about. Who made the first Flower Basket Shawl, blogged about it, and started the craze? Or, is the pattern such that so many of us would have made it anyway? Itís hard to know but interesting to ponder the ways in which our blogs contribute to the whole economy of knitting.


Oh, yours is beautiful too! I love the color. I can relate to your feelings of doing the right thing when leaving the boys. My little one just started his second month of preschool (only two days a week) and I still fill my days with the necessary errands and business. Still haven't managed a day off for me really. I hope to soon though.

You asked how many repeats I did on my FBS. I followed the pattern in IK exactly, which I believe is 7 repeats, though it looks like 9 when spread out. I guess the first chart and the edging chart create another repeat as well.

Beautiful FBS!!!! And this blogging from your palm - can this be done with an Ipaq? That's what I have and I was just wondering how you do this?


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