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I didn't get to post again yesterday. A baby checkup and a passel of shots have a way of interrupting the best of blogging intentions even when the baby seems fine but parents respond to each cranky cry with extra sympathy because we feel bad that it had to happen. Okay, and I admit, when he fell asleep, I sat on the couch holding him and reading the new Harry Potter.

As my SP5 had warned me, a package arrived for me yesterday afternoon. She'll be glad to know that Knit Happens did exactly as she asked. There was no packing slip enclosed. They even wrote on the outside of the envelope, "From your Secret Pal." What sports! So, I don't have any tangible clues that I can use (in a weak moment) to find out who my benefactor is.

What was inside? Two wonderful skeins of Lorna's Laces sock yarn in the Knit Happens exclusive pink and lime colorway. I loved it when I spotted it on their web site. It's even more fabulous in person.

Despite the fact that I'd just cast on for my Ribby Cardi the night before, and despite the fact that my fingers have been getting worse rather than better, I sat down last night and rolled the first skein. I was surprised to find when I undid the Lorna's twist that the hank is evenly divided one half lime and one half pink rather than being variegated throughout. It's pretty cool, in fact.

I can't wait to see how it looks worked up. I think I'm going to give the Dublin Baby socks a whirl with it. They have minimal patterning, so the yarn and colorway itself will shine, but the lace panels on the sides will give added interest.

Please note, dear Secret Pal, that this does not mean I don't love the other sock yarn you sent. I'd been toying all last week with starting a pair of socks with it because the color makes me so happy. I am going to have a fabulous drawer of pink (and happy) socks for the fall!

Thank you so much. I feel really special!

(I should note, too, that I finished the Flower Basket Shawl. M. took some pics, but I don't think they came out great. I'm going to reserve posting photos until it's blocked. Soon.)


Looking forward to seeing your FBS...and what a haul from your SP! Hooray!

While my children are past the shots stage, I remember well how it was.....

Oh I'm so glad you like it! I can't wait to see the socks when you are finished!

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