Ribby Cardi Question


I'll try and post a more extended entry later, but I've got questions on the Ribby Cardi. I started on the sleeves, and I'm not 100% clear on the increases. You're working a K2, P2 rib, and you increase three stitches in from the end...

    k2, m1, cont' across, m1, k2

And you are to just "work in" the increases into the rib. So, in the above row, I've now got:

    k3, p2, [k2, p2]*, k3

When I get to the next increase row, I'm assuming that I (and this is what I did):

    k2, m1, k1, cont' across, k1, m1, k2

So, now I've got k4 at the beginning and end of the row. When I get to the next and the following after that increase, I'm assuming I want to do my m1's as purls.

Can someone who has made the Ribby Cardi confirm?

Thanks in advance.


Uh......you don't want help from me on this one. I did it wrong...I didn't understand the "work in the increases" part...so my increases ended up on the ends, which will go under the arms so I didn't care. But later, I got a look at Knitti-me's Ribby and thought....Oh. Truth be told, I still don't "get" it...so I'll just close my mouth now. :-P I'm sure someone can give you a hand...did you join the Knitalong?? Might be explained there somewhere....

That's how I'm doing my sleeve increases. :)


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