Tea Room Update

When I finished Charlotte 35, I mentioned that we had plans (and a babysitter) for Mom, M., and me to go to Lovejoy's Tea Room for high tea the day before we left on our trip. We did. And it was fabulous. We ordered the "Queen's Tea," fitting since my mom is "Queen" of her Red Hat group. It was amazing. An array of scrumptious finger sandwiches, crumpets with lemon curd, scones with Devon Cream, shortbread cookies, and the best petit four (I selected one called Victorian Wedding Cake) I have ever, ever, ever had. The tea was good, too.

Really, we had a great time, and I did wear my Charlotte 35. I'd worried that I'd feel silly or self-conscious in it. Not at all. It was like an extension of me. Just right in some inexplicable way. I loved having it on. When we got ready to leave the house, I thought, "well, I'll probably have to take it off in the car to drive and put it on when I get there," but I didn't. The wonderful flat and airy fabric it had become after blocking stayed in place on me, and it was big enough to hang right and not be in the way but not have to be constantly "held" together either. Perfect.

We had a little time to play with before our reservations for tea, so we stopped in a new knitting store in Noe Valley. I was hoping to pick up something for my Secret Pal, and Mom needed some needles. The store was very "different." It was also very sparse, which is rare for a knitting store. The space was huge, but the offerings were limited. Somehow all that blank room felt strange rather than good in a fiber store.

We walked around and looked for a while and then decided (quietly) that if we hurried, we had time to run quickly by ImagiKnit for the needles mom needed.

As we were heading out, three women all of whom appeared to work there surrounded me to ask about my shawl. They wanted to know if they could "touch" it, which was funny since "of course" you can touch it. I explained it was a Charlotte's Web, but it was clear the name didn't ring any "oh-my-goodness-that is what half the knit bloggers on the web have mentioned at one point or another" bells for them. When one of them asked what it was made out of, and I said Koigu, she said, (a bit snottily), "Oh, we don't carry that."

"Well, maybe you should," I thought, somehow put off by the tone and content of her response even though, okay, I loved having them fawn over my shawl. What I said was, "the ArtYarns actually looks a lot like it," and it did. When we'd first walked in, I'd spotted the ArtYarns merino in a bin and thought based on the colors that it was Koigu until I got up close.

Oh well. Mom and M made a quick run to ImagiKnit, and Mom and I ended up there again later in the week, too, to rummage around a bit.

If you're ever in the area, I highly recommend Lovejoy's and bring your most recently completed shawl!


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