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admitting you have a problem. No, not a knitting problem, though I wind up blogging about a number of those! It's the hand/finger problem. Bad enough that I actually went to the Dr. about it. (There are tons of doctor's appointments that happen in this house, but rarely is it me.) I expected a simple referral to a specialist of one form or another. Instead, I got a two-week low-tech trial of "buddy taping" my fingers together to see if that helps. So, I'm wandering around with three fingers taped together at all times. Unfortunately, it has meant no knitting (yet). Even typing has at times proven a typo-prone struggle. I'm not sure I can go two weeks without knitting. In fact, I'm sure I can't. Somehow when you just don't have "time" to knit, it may be frustrating, but it's just something that happens. When you are not "supposed" to knit, however, it's very different mentally. Then, knitting becomes one of the most important things in the world. All you do is think about what you could be knitting, and what you wanted to start. Pathetic, huh. So, I'm sure I won't be able to hold out for two weeks! So that's what's going on. That's why I haven't shown cool photos of progress on my Ribby Cardi yet. Or cool photos of the sock I decided to start (not Dublin Bay) in the Lorna's. Or cool photos of a blocked Flower Basket Shawl. Luckily, I was able to occupy free moments this week with the reading of Harry Potter when I might otherwise have been knitting. I finished it last night, and gee was I distraught at the end. I was disappointed to be "done" with it, but I was also so shocked by what had happened...

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Dang. Been there...where you aren't supposed to knit, so of course that is all you can think of....I'm sorry, really. :( One thing that helped me was dragging out every knit book and mag I had and going through them all over again, reprioritizing what I really want to learn to do or make next. Also did some stash reorganization and *ahem* serious stash enhancement during that time ..... *blush*. Stay off the knitting as long as you can...just so you don't relapse, ya know?

Best wishes....speedy recovery and all that.

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