A Ribby in Green


In truth, the greens are richer and deeper than shown here. The dark green is darker. The light green has more chartreuse/lime in it. I'm not sure if my camera is just on its way out, or if it was a lighting issue, but the colors look washed out in this photo (as well as the other five I took despite the fact that I moved the stack around the room trying to correct the problem). We live in the fogband of SF. I drive the 1.2 miles to preschool, and it's sunny and warmer. If I drive the 1.5 miles the other way to the grocery, it's always at least 10 degrees warmer. Micro-climates are cool, but it can make dressing hard - unless you are staying home, and sometimes we get strange light in our treehouse-like house, especially when fog is billowing around the big (room-length) window in the living room.

But, I love the fog and the cool weather, so I'm willing to cope with a weak photo now and again.

Still, you get a sense here of what's going on with the Ribby Cardi. I finished the left front the other night. I got on a roll, and while I held sleeping Spencer, I watched an entire Netflix DVD of Gilmore Girls and sat and knit happily in the living room. I'm a little skeptical of the raglan point and being able to actually put it all together neatly when done. But, so many of you have made this that I'm sure it must work, so I'm following blindly along. It's nice easy and fast knitting. I can't wait to see it finished.


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