Darned Bugs

I guess I should feel lucky that the bugs in this case are viral and not the heady ones that others at the preschool have been circulating for the last few weeks. We live in fear, serious fear, of those bugs. I sleep with a boy's head on each side of me. The idea of "those" bugs has riddled my dreams more than once lately. Probably because I was so preoccupied with the thought of "those" bugs, summer viruses caught me unprepared.

The older one caught it first, and even though he's older, it's still hard to get a clear story on what really hurts. The barking cough sounded bad, for sure, and there were random fevers. He wasn't willing to eat much, and his normally sensitive nature was even more volatile and tear-ridden than usual. But even more telling was when he virtually fell asleep in the middle of dinner.

Watching as the little one grabbed his brother's left-behind juice cup from the floor one night, I felt like I was in slow motion as I tried to prevent the certain spread of germs. Part of me was arguing that "he'd already been exposed, surely," but part of me feared the worst. That part was right.

Soon, they both had it. In addition to the now two bursting molars, the little one was coughing, cranky, non-sleeping, sneezing in my face periodically, and crying to be held and walked non-stop.

You know where this is going, right? Yep. That'd be me with the seriously sore throat now. For a few days, it just felt a little "off," but in the middle of the night last night, I woke up not with an itchy head but to find myself unable to swallow.

Darned bugs.

I did finish the first sleeve of the Ribby Cardi earlier this week. I am concerned about how much yarn it took. I used the Ribby Cardi's yardage estimation for a yarn of this weight, and I ordered a bit extra. But, of the five skeins I bought for the sleeves and trim, I had to start the third for the sleeve. That concerns me. So, I went ahead and started the front hoping to get a sense as to whether or not I'm going to have enough in that color so that I can order more if I need to (and hope dye lots don't vary greatly in the Knit Picks Andean Silk).

I'm still loving the yarn, and I love the color of the lettuce that I've started for the front. I did have to wince one time on the sleeve when I glanced down to realize I was knitting on a 7 (the right size) and a 6 (the size in my bag from the cast on). I have convinced myself that I only just then made that mistake when I picked up the second needle at that knitting sitting, so it was only for two rows or so. I could be wrong, but I refuse to let myself ponder the possibility.

These lapses have increased this year. I've become notorious for driving off with juice or milk cups on the top of my roof. Then I drove off with leftover chicken nuggets (which for once I thought we'd bring home) on the roof. Then, one night at preschool pickup, I drove off with a fresh and still-damp art project on the hood of the car. It wasn't until I got home that I realized the very cool embroidery-hoop-framed painting he'd done was missing. We drove back and found it there right in the middle of the road where it had no doubt landed during my U-turn to head home. Then, just last weekend, we mysteriously ran dangerously low on both toilet paper and paper towels. I vaguely remembered buying them on a previous Costco run, but neither Megan nor I could find them in the basement. Since they are Costco-sized packages, they would seem hard to miss, so I assumed I was just imagining that I'd picked them up. I bundled up the baby, and we headed out for more. They're still in my trunk, but the next day when I was in the basement milling around, I looked up to spot unopened packages of both sitting on the shelves amidst bags and bags of BrambleBug fleece. And neither of us had spotted them before I bought more!


Hope you feel better soon! Yay on finishing your sleeve!

I keep having those "mental-pause" moments...and wondering, if it's this bad now what will it be like in another five years when it's the real thing? lol.

I've had 4 children...the first two (now 19/17) never had the "head" bugs. Don't know how I got so lucky, but they didn't. Second two (9/11)...different story. It was a nightmare getting rid of them... and I wanted to be calm and all...but it was all I could do not to run screaming. Now...everytime anyone in our house scratches even a bit...I get that sinking "oh-please-please-please-no-no-no" feeling...

Hope the viral bug wears out soon....darn hard being sick and being mom to littler kids too. Been there...try to rest!

Ah well, the bright side of all that is you can avoid shopping for those items for twice as long. BTW, I think losing TP is perfectly normal. Mommies have much more important matters at hand to deal with!

Oh I hope the boys are better soon.

I am up at 4am with a baby that won't sleep and ME with the bug. I ache all over and just want to sleep the day away!


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