"Decadent"-ly Spoiled Again

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My Secret Pal has struck again, stealthily, without my expecting it. A package arrived. Since I think SP5 ends on August 31, I figured this might be my final mailing, and I was excited to open it up and find out who my pal is. Instead, I opened to find Rowan 37 (Spring 2005) and four skeins of Rowan Handknit Cotton in a great, rich, royal purple called Decadent. I saw that there was a card inside, too, and I assumed it would have my Pal's name and blog URL. But, I didn't open it right away. I wanted to prolong the suspense just a little. So, I thumbed through the Rowan. It's been a while since I've bought a Rowan even though it's a magazine I love. I find I often flip back through the ones I have, so I was excited to again be holding it with its familiar weight and size. In flipping through, a purse with a cabled strap and a pretty cabled buckle tab closure caught my attention. When I opened the card from my pal, I was surprised to find instructions to turn to a specific page in the Rowan to look at a "cute little buckle bag." It was for the same bag that I'd spotted that she sent me the magazine and the cotton. Cool! It's an awesome looking little bag, and I think it will be much fun to make. Pluse, I love the color she sent! Thanks Secret Pal. I'm looking forward to finding out who you are!

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How neat that your SP knows what you like! Another project waiting in the wings. :)


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