In Sock Yarn, No Less


Wow. I just saw the Yarn Harlot's photos of this lace shawl by Sivia Harding. Isn't it beautiful! And it uses just one 100 gram skein of sock yarn. Can you believe it? I bet it would be a great Koigu pattern, too.

I'm still trying to find something perfect for the two skeins of lace weight Shimmer I have (after finally frogging the Rosebuds and Climbing Roses).

A few scarves have caught my attention lately, too.

First the Kureyon Mistake Rib scarf. It's a pattern that's in Last Minute Gifts, but there's also a free version online, “Child’s Rainbow Striped Scarf. You can see photos here, and here, and here.

Isn't it pretty? I've got some random Kureyon. I've always thought it a bit scratchy feeling, so I've never used it. I even gave some of what I'd bought away. I have a bit left, but I'm not sure I have coordinating colors. I'm thinking I might try one color of it offset by some chenille (solid) from my stash. Wouldn't be quite the same effect, but could be cool. Or, maybe I'll mix the two colorways I have and just see what happens! In poking around, I've been amazed by the way Kureyon works up in terms of color, so I'm itching to give it a try.

Here's another cool Kureyon scarf from SavannahChic.

This scarf caught my eye, too, so much so that I've put in a reserve for Shadow Knitting at the library so I can take a closer look. (I ran into some additional information here.)

Looking around just now, I spotted the Short Row Rib scarf here. (Reminds me of the Multidirectional Scarf. I haven't made one, but my mom made me an awesome one.)


I'm currently knitting the sylvia harding pattern in handpainted zephyr - it's a great pattern, but unfortunately for me, I've lost the ability to COUNT. Yes. 43 and not counting.

Hey there! I just made a Kiri scarf-ette out of one hank of knitpicks lace (the alpaca one) ... and that's an idea if you want to go scarf or shawl. It's a great pattern. I made one of those kureyon scarves, in two muted silk garden colors, and I alternated every 4 rows for the heck of it. The trick with Noro yarns is to soak it in hair conditioner for a while ... and if you want it slightly fluffier, throw it in the dryer for a few minutes, and it really fluffs up and is SUPER soft. FYI. :)

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