Ribby Progress and Holiday Thoughts

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Thereís not a whole lot to report on this end. Iím feeling like I have a lot on the needles, and a number of projects lined up just waiting to get started. I did finish the right front of my Ribby Cardi over the weekend. I was feeling really proud about my progress until I realized that Iím actually only halfway done (Iíve finished the fronts and one sleeve). Then it felt like there was so much more to do. A classic glass half empty scenario! But, on my ďto doĒ list over the weekend, I had slated finish the front and then work 10 rows on my Clapotis and 10 rows on my sock. Yes, I have a Clapotis on the needles that I havenít fessed up to. I started another one while my mom was here. Iím using a Rayon Chenille I bought years ago on Ebay from Barbara Lundy Stone (Iíve checked, and she doesnít seem to be selling there anymore). Itís a beautiful ball of yarn. Originally, I thought it would be cool to have a silky rayon Clapotis. It's been a long time since I bought it, and I didnít recognize that it was a chenille until I started working with it. I thought it was a silky rayon, but it's clear that it's a chenille when you're using it. Iím a little concerned that the stitches wonít ďdropĒ well in chenille, but I am not far enough along to tell yet. Itís a thin yarn, so Iím working it on a size 5 needle. Iím hoping it ends up more scarf-like than my first one did. I am toying with making it smaller than the pattern calls for (doing less of section 2), but I canít decide for sure. So, I did my 10 rows (maybe a few more) on it, and then I cast on for the back of my Ribby Cardi. (Sorry, the socks didnít get their 10 rows! Trust me, thatís not the only thing on my list I didnít do.)

I am narrowing in on a few of the items for my holiday knitting. I think I know one thing for sure I want to make for my mom. I went ahead and ordered some yarn that Iíll need for it. If the colors are all I hope they will be, Iíll probably get started on it sooner rather than later. Itís a project Iíd like for myself, too, but I think it will be perfect for her, so Iím hoping it turns out well.

I had a couple of ideas of things to make for M., but her style has changed a lot over the last year, so I was trying to feel her out a bit recently and see what direction I should take. She knows Iím making something. She, Mom, and I added an extra set of gifts to our holiday exchange last year (so that weíd have some extras to parcel out in the pre-Christmas days), and the rule was that at least one of them had to be made. (This year, Iíve altered that to be that one has to either be made or be ďto makeĒ since last year there was a bit of struggling on, ahem, Momís part, with the handmade rule. Besides, we all love to get stuff to do!)

At any rate, I was contemplating a few ideas for M., mostly in the scarf genre, and yes, a Harry Potter scarf was in the running since sheís talked many times in the past about wanting one. I also was considering ďfinishingĒ her Clapotis. She started one in a wonderful cream silk and merino, but sheís only done like 10 rows (and had to redo those more than once) and just isnít really into making it herself. But when I asked what she might like me to make, her response was, ďIíd love it if you wanted to make me that cable sweater from the front of that British magazine.Ē

And she was serious.

Itís taken me at least two weeks to report that here on my blog because it took a while for me to pick up my jaw. I could see asking for a particular scarf, or a particular sock, or a hat, or even a felted bag, iPod cover, handwarmers, or something else accessory-like, even a shawl or wrap or stole. But a full sweater. A full cabled sweater. Yikes.

And, it bears noting that there is no precedent for the request. I've never made her a sweater before.

My own ďMust HaveĒ is still on my needles. My Ribby Cardi is in progress. I donít have a closet full of finished sweaters of my own.

But, I am considering it. Iíve looked over the pattern, and because it uses a bulky yarn and relatively big needles, it could be a fairly quick knit despite the cables. We have the yarn, too. Itís Rowan Chunky in a beautiful pink from her stash. Itís one of the first yarns she ever bought, I think, from a wonderful man at a store that used to be in Union Square but that I think isnít there any longer. We ďthinkĒ we have enough of the yarn. So, as a project, it seems doable even though Iím worried itís a big undertaking for a gift. Iíve been sort of itching to swatch the yarn and give it a go Ė or at least decide for sure if itís a project I want (or am willing!) to commit to. But, Iím trying to be good. I feel strongly that I need to finish my Ribby Cardi and maybe even my Must Have before I get something else big started. (Other than lace. I'm for sure ready to start something new, but I haven't honed in on what yet.) Besides, it is quickly approaching time to wear those sweaters. Heck, I had on a sweater and coat today, and Matthew wore a knit hat to school. Sorry to those of you enduring heat!

My biggest concern about it and the Ribby Cardi is the process of putting in the zipper. Iíve never done that before. I am a little afraid of the process. From what Iíve read, it works best to do it by hand, and Iím having trouble believing I can get a zipper in by hand that will be really secure.

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It can be a little intimidating...thinking about a sweater as a gift, I know. You seem really good at parcelling out your time...could you "schedule" knitting the sweater after obtaining certain points in your other projects, i.e., "i'll knit 1 pattern repeat after I finish a Ribby sleeve". Me, I'm suspicious I could be that honest...whatever takes my fancy is what I'm working on...but you could probably pull it off, you are disciplined! :)


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