The Big Reveal

final package
I've had a lot to report, but just haven't had time to get in here and do it. Matthew's on a two-week break from school, so we've been packing what we can into each day. Plus, we're on another "co-op" mission. Last year at this time, we'd just started at the preschool, and we "renovated" the giant doll house over the break. This year, our task (which we chose to accept) is to make 14 all new super-sized pillows for the "pillow room" (where Matthew's program does show and tell and Spanish, among other things) and make new Roman blinds for the three very large windows in the same room. The pillows are done, but the Roman blinds are definitely sucking up time. I skipped my afternoon at Starbucks today (which is saying a lot since I very much look forward to those few free hours each week now) to stay home and sew seams and attach the stripping for the chords. So, we've had our hands full.

What I haven't had a chance to post is that I know who my Secret Pal 5 was.... drum roll... Vicki at The Knitting Dork (a blog name that just cracks me up, but from looking at what she's made, she's clearly not!).

She spoiled me way, way, way too much. (And I didn't have to read far on her blog to see her admit that!) I hope she was treated well by her Pal!!!

My final package had a wondeful blank book with cool three dimensional beaded, buttoned, and roped embellishments (and handmade paper from Bangladesh), a beautiful hank of Lorna's Laces Helen's Lace in the Valentine colorway, and a bag of decaf. I can't remember if I said I'm a decaff-er or not, but I totally am. People often laugh when they first come in our house and see our matching hers and hers coffee pots - one for regular and one for decaf. You both have to be committed pretty strongly to your coffee to have separate coffee pots.

As I sat looking at what she'd sent me, I really was amazed, because I don't think someone could have sent three things more "me" than what she selected, especially someone that has never met me. It doesn't seem possible just from reading my blog someone could learn so much about me, but I guess it's true. The colorway of Helen's Lace is perfect for me (yes, I mentioned that colorway for my Mom once, but it's a colorway that is very much "me"). I've been wanting to see Helen's Lace forever and haven't run across it in person, so I just can't wait to start something. Of course, I have the feeling I sometimes have when starting a new journal... I don't want to mess it up. Translating the sensation to yarn, my feeling is that I want to find the "perfect" pattern to make with it.

I'd been pondering what to make with my KnitPicks Shimmer, and Jenifer suggested a Kiri. Maybe it would be a good piece for Helen's Lace. It is a beautiful shawl, and my bias is definitely toward triangular shawls. That may be just because I've never worn a square or rectangular one, but I am really drawn to the shape. I'm tempted to order a Fiddlesticks pattern for the Helen's Lace. Or, there are several beautiful pieces (though not triangular) in Lavish Lace, so I'm definitely going to be hemming and hawwing over the next few days as I clear out a few projects on the needles so that I can start a new shawl without feeling the pull of things unfinished.

Thank you so much, Vicki, for making me feel so special and treating me so royally throughout Secret Pal 5. (Thanks are also coming via snail mail. I looked on your blog and never could find your own answers to the Secret Pal questionnaire. Did you do it? I was trying to find something out...)

On my end, I was pal to Mae of Flashin' My Knitties in San Diego. She sort of fell out of blogland for a good bit of the summer, but I hope she got a lot of knitting done!

I'll do a regular "knit" report hopefully tomorrow. I've finished all the pieces of my Ribby Cardi!


I am so glad you liked everything! I had such a good time reading your blog and getting to know you. I can't wait to see what the Helen's Lace becomes! I thought of sending you a pattern, but I thought for something requiring that much time and yarn, I'd better let you pick the perfect pattern for yourself.

You got me completely hooked on that Knit Happens colorway, I've decided it is crying out to be toe socks (I have a toe sock addiction). Too many projects, too little time!

As far as my questionnaire goes, I don't know how it ended up not being under the Secret Pal 5 category, but I put it there tonight. Right around that time I lost everything on my blog and had to reconstruct it from google cache, so I guess that just slipped my mind at the time. The entry can be found here: if you are still interested in finding out what you were looking for.

I'm looking forward to seeing your finished Ribby and the Knit Happens socks. Take care of you, the family, and the wrist!


Oooooh, Helen's Laces! I've been drooling over that stuff awhile now...very interested to see what you think of it!

You have all your Ribby pieces done? You go girl...STILL haven't rescued mine from UFO of these days...

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