Yikes! Time Flies


How can it be a week already since I posted? I think that the week has been taken up by the emergence of half a bottom molar probably suffices as answer enough for most moms out there even if other knitters and bloggers find it a poor or paltry excuse. In addition, I've been busy on another small coding project that I've been squeezing in. So, my poor MovableType blog has suffered. Today, in fact, I've been working on setting up a TypePad blog for someone. I have to admit, it's fun tinkering with colors and features that way. I tend to be more nuts and bolts about such things, which is why MT is a better choice for me. But, there are some TypePad features that I'd really like to have. Oh dear, motherhood is turning me into a GUI person. I used to be the person that created GUIs. Now I'm one of the people coming to like GUIs. Uh-oh. It feels gooey to suddenly feel warm and fuzzy about a GUI.

I have been knitting (despite the hand, which basically is 'the same). I don't have a picture to show right now (baby is crashed in my arms), but I'll get one up soon. I've been zipping along with the first sleeve of my Ribby Cardi. I am using the darker of the greens for the sleeves although in my head, I still see the sweater with the darker body and lighter sleeves. I've been convinced this (darker sleeves) is the better way to go. At any rate, I love, love, love the yarn. It comes in small, skinny, almost scrawny looking center-pull skeins. I worried initially that it wasn't thick enough despite the stated gauge. (I did do a swatch, too, to be sure.) But, it's working up amazing. It's super soft, very "cushy," and just oh-so-nice.

I am doing the sleeves separately. Like many of you, I prefer to knit them together, but I was afraid the added weight on the needles wouldn't be the smartest approach for my fingers if it wasn't necessary. So, one at a time it is.


Welcome back! Look forward to seeing pics of your ribby cardi.

Teething.....argh. Good enough excuse for me! Glad you are able to knit and the hand isn't any worse. I ended up using Lamb's Pride worsted for my Ribby and I think it's a little denser fabric but I loved it.

I just went through a hand "thing" too, and it scared me. But it didn't stop me from knitting anyway. Why are we so bad about doing what's sensible?


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