Multi-D for Me

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multi-d scarf

I'm almost through the first (left) side of the holiday sweater for M. It's going great and proving to be a really speedy knit, which I didn't expect. I should finish the first piece tonight, but I may have to switch gears and work on a felted project I started a while back as I was working on a particular timeline for it and just got sidetracked with this new sweater and the re-focusing on my Must Have. I hate to lose momentum on the sweater though. I'll probably end up working on both and switching back and forth a lot.

Obviously, the photo above isn't relevant to anything I'm working on! Instead, it's a picture of the multi-directional scarf my mom made for me. She brought it with her this summer on a trip. I think it turned out great. It's a real "rainbow" scarf, and the nubby texture of the yarn is a real switch for this scarf (which you often see worked in Kureyon). I'm pretty sure it's knit from Elaine by Schaefer Yarn in a rainbow colorway. We've had a bit of a September cold-snap here in foggy San Fran, so I got to wear it the other day for the first time and thought I'd show it off.

1 Comment

That's such a pretty scarf! What a great pattern.

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