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November 15, 2005

Save-Ums Success

saveums hat

Anyone who knows us knows we love the world of the Rescue Heroes(TM). Well, that love of shows that emphasize working as a team to solve problems (which is different than the world of good guys versus bad guys) means we also love the Save-Ums. It's a relatively new show that airs on both Discovery Kids and The Learning Channel. We've been watching it for months - or, I should say, we tape the new episodes. At any rate, we think it's a great show. "No problem is too big or too small" and "Small is powerful," are two of their mottos. After we'd been watching them for a while, Matthew and I noticed the cool hat that "Custard" (a sort of round-headed purple Save-Um) wears. I felt sure I could make Matthew his own Save-Ums hat. I let the idea brew in the back of my mind for a long time while I worked on other projects. Then, I dug around in the basement finding the right mix of colors in my stash. The yarns sat out upstairs for another long spell. Periodically, Matthew would ask, "Is my hat done?" I'd have to laugh since I hadn't started the hat still.

Feeling guilty, I started really thinking through how I'd make it. Specifically, I wanted to figure out the best way to address the center panel (where the flames appear). I was planning to make a traditional rounded hat that decreases through the crown even though the hat Custard actually wears looks almost like it has two small ears that stand up at the top and is seamed right across the top. I'd worked out a plan for making the intarsia section separate from the rest of the body and then sewing it together while still decreasing the crown when M convinced me that if I just made a square non-shaped hat, it would have the look of Custard's. She was totally right.

I think it turned out great. He loves it - though he wasn't into modeling for me on the day of this photo. It's been warm here, so we haven't had a good day to wear it yet. But, I'm really proud of how it turned out.

I do hate intarsia though. That has to be said. It's just not my cup of tea. But at least in this case, it was a small and controlled amount. As I untangled the small balls of yarn more than once, I couldn't help but think of Sasha Kagan and Jo Sharp sweaters that I've also admired but would totally never be able to stand making with all that intarsia!

We noticed recently that another character, Noodle, also wears a hat when he gets in one of the vehicles to go on a mission. Instead of flame in the center, his has the Save-Ums exclamation point logo. Seems perfect for the little brother to have an almost matching Save-Ums hat.

Pattern: Save-Ums Hat
Designer: Original
Yarn: Various Stash (gold, blue, red, and white)
Needles: 7's

November 22, 2005

Cute Hat

Isn't this an adorable hat? It's actually not for Spencer but for our preschool teacher who is expecting a Christmas baby. Unfortunately, the hat turned out bigger than expected (which is why it fits Spencer). But, that's not necessarily an awful thing. Kids heads grow quickly. The pattern was a lot of fun. It's got several sections of different stitch patterning, including the section of bobbles, so it was a nice knit, and with Lorna's Laces Shepherd Worsted (Superwash), it is super soft, and the colorway is great.

Pattern: Fruit Roll-Up Hat
Source: Twilight's Dream (also sells on ebay)
Needles: 8 (US) circular/dpns
Yarn: Lorna's Laces Shepherd Worsted
Colorway: Daffodil

November 25, 2005

Secret Project

Which means... Mom stop reading now!

It gets hard to show some of my holiday knitting since some of my recipients (mainly mom) poke in my blog now and again. Mom, M, and I have instituted a "3-extra" presents ritual. We each bring 3 "extra" gifts for each other, one of which has to either be "made" or "to make."

I've been working on one of Mom's gifts for a while now, and I'm nearing completion. (Yeah!)

As long as you are NOT my mom, you can click the "don't click" image to see a picture of a pile of things ready for the "next step." The astute among you will likely be able to tell what this is. Please don't leave anything in the comments to give it away!

don't click

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