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I'm finally getting around to posting a few photos (and these are NOT great; the sheen of white showing through my shirt was not there in person!) of the wonderful shrug Mom knitted for me for Christmas. It's my first shrug ever, and I wasn't sure how practical a shrug would be - or how compelling. But it turned out very cool, and I've worn it several times already. I love the purple she used. It's Patons Katrina, which is what the pattern called for (I believe she had a bit of trouble finding it). The pattern is from the "Staff Knits" section of Interweave Knits Summer 2005. (Free downloadable PDF on their site.)

Not only did Mom stock me up with great shawls to make in 2006, and Mary Kruger's Died in the Wool knitting mystery, which I very much enjoyed, but she knitted for me, too. Thanks Mom!

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I'm so glad that you like your shrug so much. I'd be tempted to make another if you have another pattern that interests you!

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