Foiled by Mermaid Socks; Onto Jaywalker

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mermaid sock

More superstitious than is probably healthy and big on personal ritual and tradition, I always try and start something new on New Year's. Because I started the Shoalwater Shawl mom gave me before Christmas, I didn't want to start something too involved on top of that. Socks seemed like a good compromise, and M gave me two beautiful skeins of Knit Picks Sock Garden in Geranium.

After flipping through a few books, I deided to swatch for the Mermaid Socks from Lucy Neatby's book. I've always thought they were so cool, so it sounded like a good first sock for the new year. I ended up not actually getting started, and having always heard that what you do on New Year's you do all year long, I'm worried a year of swatching lies ahead. As I told Mom though, if I'd started something, it could mean a year of 'starting,' which also sounds iffy. I think maybe next year I need to have something to finish and to start on New Year's! Crazy.

At any rate, I cast on the next day, but after getting started, the cuff was just gigantic. Makes no sense. I swatched 7 st/inch on 1's and cast on with 2's. The directions say to cast on and work w/ a needle 1 to 2 sizes larger than swatch. I did a quick blog search from the couch, courtesy of my very cool new Palm T/X and saw someone else who mentioned similar trouble. If I drop to 1's for the cuff, I guess I'd need 0's later? I don't even own 0's. But I'm not sure dropping to 1's would make enough difference anyway. Looking at the photo, the wavy part of the cuff looks very short. Mine is two to three times taller, so something is clearly amiss.

Giving up on that sock (for now), the Jaywalker (from MagKnits) caught my attention. I first saw mention of it on Christy's site, and then I ran into it somewhere else, followed the link, and found that I'd stumbled onto a huge blogger craze in the new year. Okay, I'm in.

I think I probably should have made a New Year's resolution to knit "smarter," so I didn't spend so much time ripping things out and putting them back on the needles. I've messed up my Jaywalker more than once already. I think I'm on track now. The first time though (and I post this publically in case some other poor soul does the same thing and logs on searching for info on why her or his sock isn't working), I didn't read the double decrease info carefully enough even though I must have read it a dozen times. I slipped my two stitches one at a time and then passed them over one at a time. It does look different when you slip them together and pass them over together.

I'll post photos soon. I just finally got my Palm T/X synched to my main computer and was able to pull this blog entry from 1/3/06 off so wanted to go ahead and post.

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I've made one and a half pairs of Mermaid Socks and I have not used a bigger needle for the cuff.

I'm wearing my Jaywalkers today. They are awesome!

Oh, and you look fab in the pic in the previous post! I haven't seen a pic of you in some time and you look great!

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