Gives Me the Willies

upside down fish

Okay, so I'm a wuss. I admit that. I'm scared of dogs. I don't like bugs. I'm not a great oudoors person. And mice really really freak me out. This is not a good thing since for the last two years we've been dealing with an ongoing mouse issue in our basement. (We've become very friendly with our Orkin person who nicely comes and removes the ones we catch and places new glue traps.) We, admittedly, do have a good-sized food arsenal in the basement, though it's mostly canned goods, a product of shopping at Costco since becoming parents. Anything dry or boxed, we have been trying to keep in ziploc bags. Following that philosophy, we put the remainder of a big box of individual packs of Cheez-its into large ziploc bags before leaving for the holidays in December.

When we came back two weeks later, the intrepid M ventured downstairs (no WAY was I going down) to find that a family of five or six (!) had all ended up on one trap up front near the food. Okay, that's almost enough to keep me out of the basement for the rest of the calendar year (and yes, it's January!). We got Orkin over, set a bunch of new ones (okay, and we've already caught two more - you have to understand, there's a big overgrown hillside behind us, which is clearly adding to our problem), and we're trying to get our act together.

Yesterday, while Spencer slept in the car after a much-needed Costco run, M and I worked to get all the food stuff off the concrete floor and up onto shelves. We moved bagged fleece (for BrambleBug) to the back of the basement, and turned the fleece shelving into canned good shelving. Yes, we revealed tons of mouse crap (gives me shudders). But, even more alarming was that one of the ziplocked bags of Cheez-its was in the floor. A chewed hole in the bottom of the ziplock told us the mice had found a very stereotypical meal tasty. That they could get through the ziplock AND through the foil Cheez-it bags really freaked me out. But my panic level shot through the roof when M picked up the bag to throw it out and discovered the bags were all EMPTY - like 10 bags of Cheez-its.

I think it even pushed her over her limit. Just SO gross.

My willies continue, however, upstairs where our giant goldfish named "Action" has started swimming upside down - all the time. Now, I do have some inane fear of walking in and seeing floaters. And the smaller goldfish, Dorothy, who is white, gave me a few starts last year when she would float around upside down from time to time. I was worried coming back after two weeks that the fish might not have fared well, but the vacation feeders seem to have worked, and they seem fine - except that Action now floats around upside down for most of the day. The first time I walked into the room and glanced over and saw him, I screamed, startling the whole house. Now, I'm getting sort of used to it, but it really weirds me out. I have to think it's the beginning of his demise, but I don't know what we can do about it. He just hangs upside down. M swears he has inner ear.

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